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Notes of the treaty carried on at Ripon between King Charles I and the covenanters of Scotland AD 1640 taken by Sir John Borough, Garter King of Arms (1869)

Notes on the mints of Truro and Exeter under Charles I (1937)

R. Cyril Lockett

Charles I in 1646: Letters of King Charles the First to Queen Henrietta Maria (1856)

Catalogue of coins of the time of Charles I and of the Anglo-Gallic series: being the remaining part of the numismatic collections of the late F. G. Hilton Price esq., dorector of the Society of ... (1910)

Catalogue of the important collection of coins of Charles I: formed by G. Hamilton-Smith esq. (1913)

Letter to Charles I dated Bridgewater 28th April [1644]

Henrietta Maria (Queen of England)

Ship money writ of Charles I

The works of King Charles the Martyr, with a collection of declarations, treaties and other papers concerning the differences betwixt his said Majesty and his two Houses of Parliament (1662)

Charles I (King of England)

Reliquiae sacrae Carolinae : the works of that great monarch and glorious martyr King Charles the 1st, both civil and sacred, with a short life and reign of that most blessed prince ... and Eikon ...

Charles I (King of England)

The great rebellion (1958)

C. V. Wedgwood

Memoirs of the martyr king,: being a detailed record of the last two years of the reign of His Most Sacred Majesty King Charles the First (1646-1648-9) (1905)

Allan Fea

Memorials of the English affairs: an historical account from the beginning of the reign of King Charles I to the restoration of King Charles II (1732)

Bulstrode Whitelocke (Sir)

The title of kings proved to be jure divino, and the King Charles II was the rightful and lawful heir to the crown of England, and that the life of his father K.Charles I was taken away unjustly, ... ([1705?])

William Prynne

The case of the royal martyr considered with candour: or, an answer to some libels lately published in prejudice to the memory of that unfortunate prince ... (1758)

John Boswell

The last days of Charles I (1999)

Graham Edwards

Charles 1st. (c.1850)

T. W. Knight

K.Charles I (c.1760)

J. Mynde

King Charles the First. Obt. xxx Jan. 1648: from an excellent original in the royal palace of Hampton Court ([1732])

George Vertue

The trial of Charles the First, king of England, before the high Court of Justice, for high-treason ... additions by J.Nalson (1740)

Charles I (King of England)

We are so highly sensible of the extraordinary merit of our county of Cornwall ...our royal thankes to that our county .. (1643)

Charles I (King of England)

A proclamation of His Majecties grace, favour, and pardon to the inhabitants of his county of his citty of Exceter ([1642])

Charles I (King of England)

A translation of a charter, granted to the inhabitants...of Exeter by Charles I: likewise some abstr... (1785)

His Maiesties proclamation of grace, favour, and pardon to the inhabitants of his county of Devon, and citie of Exeter (1642)

Charles I (King of England)