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Tudor Exeter: tax assessments, 1489-1595, including the military survey, 1522 (1977)

City of Exeter suggested layout for Civic Buildings

Exeter Leaf (2011-)

Exeter ([1910?])

Exeter: the centre of glorious Devon (1952)

Exeter: the centre of glorious Devon (1950)

Exeter Life (2011)

Exeter itinerary and general directory (1831)

[Exeter Road School, Exmouth] (c.1918)

[Exeter Cathedral] (c.1895)

Exeter Cathl; choir east. 19619 (c.1895)

Exeter Cathl; the reredos (c.1895)

[Exeter] (1893)

Exeter Technical School (c.1950)

Exeter Cathedral Devon (c.1935)

Exeter Cathedral (c.1900)

[Exeter Quay] (c.1900)

[Exeter from the South West] (c.1890)

[Exeter Road, Exmouth] (c.1900)

[Exeter Road Post Office, Exmouth] (c.1910)

Exeter (c.1890)

Exeter Central: Summer Saturday : 1961 (2008)

[Exeter Cathedral] (c.1890)

[[Exeter Cathedral] (c.1865)

[[Exeter Cathedral] (c.1865)

[[Exeter Cathedral] (c.1865)

Exeter Cathedral (c.1865)

[[Exeter Cathedral] (c.1865)

The Exeter pocket-journal; or west-country gentleman's and tradesman's memorandum-book, for the year of our Lord 1819 ([1818])

Exeter Maritime Museum. Summer 1976 (1976)

Exeter election (1892)

Exeter from the air (2007)

Exeter Cathedral. Plan shewing arrangement of chiming apparatus. ([1870?])

Exeter post (1969-)

Exeter, its a learning city: part-time courses 2006/07 (2006)

[Exeter Cathedral seen over the bombed city of Exeter] (1942)

Exeter by night and day (1996-)

Exeter underground passages: passage under Plaza in rock looking south going towards the old city wall (c.1935)

Exeter underground passages: looking south towards manhole under Plaza (c.1935)

Exeter underground passages: near city wall : shows manhole and oldish pipe (c.1935)

Exeter underground passages: near Bampfylde Street looking south : change of section of passage (c.1935)

Exeter Guildhall (c.1960)

Exeter from the canal (c.1900)

Exeter Cathedral. Part of the west front (c.1920)

Exeter Living (2008)

Exeter School life (2004-)

Exeter magazine (2001-)

[Exeter Cathedral, From the South] (c.1885)

Exeter Cathedral: the 14th century screen ([1970?])

Exeter Cathedral: sanctuary and high alter ([1970?])