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Anglo-Saxon and later Whitby (1995)

Philip Arthur Rahtz

The British Archæological Association in Somerset

Archaeologists in Bristol

Medieval art and architecture at Wells and Glastonbury (1981)

Bath old bridge and the chapel thereon (1905)

Emanuel Green

The impact of the dissolution of the monasteries in Cheshire: the case of Norton (2000)

J. Patrick Greene

Medieval art and architecture at Canterbury before 1220 (1982)

Nicola Coldstream

Medieval art and architecture at Lincoln Cathedral (1986)

Visits to Glastonbury and Wells (1856)

Somerset club brasses ([1909])

Emanuel Green

Arbow Low (1900)

T. N. Brushfield

On an effigy of one of the Markenfield family in Ripon Cathedral (1864)

J. R. Planché

On the progress and present condition of archaeological science (1866)

Thomas Wright

Account of Anglo-Saxon jewellery found at Seamer in the East Riding of Yorkshire (1865)

Thomas Wright

On cromlechs (1864)

William Collings Lukis

Collectanea archaeologica (1871)

Collectanea archaeologica (1864)

Collectanea archaeologica (1863)


The episcopal seals of the Diocese of Winchester (1895)

Allan Wyon

Historical notes on the places of interest to be visited by the British Archaeological Association during their congress to be held at Devizes (1880)

Edward Kite

On the history and antiquities of Bath (1857)

J. H. Markland

Journal of the British Archaeological Association. Vol.xxxiii (Cornwall congress at Bodmin) (1877)

Journal of the Exeter Congress 1862

Congress. 84th, June 27 - July 2 1927 at Exeter ([1927])

Annual meeting in Exeter 1861. 18th

The municipal archives of Exeter ([1862?)

Thomas Wright

Lydford and its castle (1883)

Richard Nicholls Worth

Almost the richest city: Bristol in the middle ages (1997)

Architectural notes on some churches visited during the congress (1927)

Harbottle Reed

The monumental brasses of Dorsetshire (1907)

William de Courcy Prideaux (Historian)

Arbor Low [near Youlgreave, Derbyshire] (1900)

T. N. Brushfield

Compton Castle, Devonshire (1863)

Gordon M. Hills

On Roman remains at Bath (1857)

Harry Mengden Scarth

Traces of the ancient kingdom of Damnonia outside Cornwall (1877)

Thomas Kerslake

Congress: Exeter 1927 : reports (1927)

On old Plymouth china (1883)

W. H. Cope

The Buildings of the Priory of St.Nicholas, Exeter (1972)

Lewis F. Tonar

The Benedictine Priory of St.Nicholas at Exeter (1927)

Rose Graham

Medieval art and architecture at Wells and Glastonbury (1981)

Compton Castle (1927)

Hugh Robert Watkin

Medieval art and architecture at Exeter Cathedral: British Archaeological Assciation Conference Transactions for 1985 (1991)

Journal. Vol. 39

Annual meeting (18th) at Exeter