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Tiverton cloth: the story of the town's woollen trade 1475-1815 (2018)

Peter Maunder

Smocking: traditional and modern approaches (1979)

O. Cave

Salisbury Museum medieval catalogue (2001)

Salisbury Museum medieval catalogue (2012)

Dress accessories c.1150-c.1450 (1991)

Geoff Egan

Salisbury Museum medieval catalogue (1991)

Millenium tapestry (c.2000)

The trade fortunes of Poole, Weymouth and Lyme Regis, 1600-1640

W. B. Stephens

The woollen trade around Exmoor and a brief successor, crepe

D. W. Warren

Snowdon Collar Works, Chard

D. W. Warren

Old occupations: the Trinity weavers

Hilary Townsend

St Augustine Street shirt and collar factory, Taunton ...

Fox Brothers and the Wellington [Somerset] woollen trade

James Skeggs

Pillow-lace in Somerset

I. M. Rendell

Story of Van Heusen

Jack Rayfield

Insurance valuations of textile mills, Dorset and Somerset

Kenneth G. Ponting

Clothing villages on the Frome

Kenneth G. Ponting

Industrial Milborne

C. F. Pearce

Archaeological recording at Tonedale Mills, Wellington

Andrew Passmore (20th/21st Century archaeologist)

A family in stitches

Hester Page

Pride of lions ready to be restored

Graham Jennings

Collar and shirt making in Chard

Leonard W. Hoskins

Hangings in Wells Cathedral choir

Bea Howe

The manufacture of the Van Heuson collar

Walter Hordle

Lace, net and thread

Ethel M. Hewitt

Dunster's cloth

Margaret Gould

Suited for flannel

Nick Foulkes

Flemish weavers

Emanuel Green

A good yarn

Sarah Ford

A good yarn

Sarah Ford

Art with a heart

Sarah Ford

Wellington (Somerset) ... [extract from report]

Soft water for hard collars

John Dunstan

The Yatton pall

Nicholas A. Deas

Lacemaking at Allerford

Avril Dacey

Woad and woadmen in Keynsham

Charles Browne

The account book, 1721-1775, of John Hancock, sergemaker ...

E. Brown

Thomas Kytson and Somerset clothmen, 1529-1539

Colin J. Brett

Laces for a lady

M. Brogan

A vanished industry

Robin Atthill


Robin Atthill

The West Somerset woollen trade, 1500-1714

Philip Ashford

Watchet blue

A. A. Adams

The cloth industry of Twerton from the 1780s to the 1820s

Nicholas Von Behr

Retailer's guide ... textile products (indication of fibre content) regulations 1973 (1978)

Method of treatment & suitable solutions for retarding ignitability of certain fabrics & textiles. Fire Prevention (1981)