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Watchdog: Devon's consumer watch news (2001-)

Local price information [Exeter]

Annual report of the County Trading Standards Officer (1976-)

Taking you for a ride?: a review of the package holiday trade (1996)

Fair start: a consumer education resource pack provided by Devon County Trading Standards Department (1991)

Off who? what? where?: a review of the utility regulators' role in protecting the interests of consumers (1996)

Explosives Acts 1875 and 1923: a trader's guide...storage of explosives ([1978])

Trader's guide to the vitreous enamel-ware (safety) regulations 1976 ([1978?)

Trader's guide to the pencils and graphic instruments (safety) regulations, 1974 ([1978?)

Trader's guide to the nightdresses (safety) regulations 1967 ([1978?)

Trader's guide to the heating appliances (fireguards) regulations, 1973 ([1978?)

Safety of toys, Consumer Protection Act 1961: toys safety regulations 1974 (1978)

Retailer's guide ... textile products (indication of fibre content) regulations 1973 (1978)

Retailer's guide ... glazed ceramic ware (safety) regulations 1975 ([1977?)

Glitter and globule lamps, tris treated textiles, etc: a trader's guidance leaflet on the dangerous substances .. (1981)

A trader's leaflet on price regulations and display orders ([1978])

Advice to customers ([1994?)

Rabies contingency plan ([1994])

Weights and Measures Act 1963 ... sale of intoxicating liquor ([197-?)

Retailer's guide ... Electrical Equip. (Safety) Regulations 1975 ([1977?)

Trader's guide to the Cooking Utensils (Safety) Regulations 1972 ([1972?)

Rabies contingency plan ([1986])