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The complete Scrimgeour: from Dartmouth to Jutland: 1913-1916 (2016)

Alexander Scrimgeour

Naval records for genealogists (1988)

N. A. M. Rodger,

Blake, General-at-sea: a bibliography (c.1950)

C. D. Curtis

A Cockney at Sea (1978)

John McGreggor

Tracing your family history: Royal Navy (2005)

Allison E. Duffield

Life in the WRENS : the WW 2 testimony of Rosemary Buchan (2003)

Buchan, Rosemary

Devonian groundsman at Twickenham (1947)

Naval records for genealogists (1988)

N.A.M Rodger

Samuel Grose, M.D., F.R.C.S (1920)

William Froude: his life and work (1933)

Westcott Stile Abell (Professor)

William Froude and "The way of a ship in the sea" (1992)

D. K. Brown

The rise and fall of the crimp, 1840-1914 (1984)

Conrad Dixon

Tracing your naval ancestors (2003)

Bruno Pappalardo

Compulsory retirement scheme, 1870 (1870)

W. H. Anderson Morshead

The papers of William Froude, M.A.,LL.D.,F.R.S., 1810 - 1879 (1955)

William Froude

Naval records for genealogists.- Rev ed (1998)

N.A.M Rodger

Memories of a blue-jacket ([1920])

Patrick Riley

Speech delivered in the House of Commons ... 21st February, 1803 ... dismissal of Mr.John Marshall ... dockyard at Plymouth (1803)

William Elford (Sir)

Footsteps: the life story of a Dorsetshire foot ? by Leonard G. Foot (1997)

Leonard G. Foot

Able Seaman RNVR (1989)

H. J. Messer

Plymouth Royal Navy and Royal Marines families official guide 1996 edition (1995)

The pursuit of naval ancestry or an exercise in lateral genealogical practice (typescript) (1984)

Evan C. Best

In at the deep end: a personal account of diving in the 1930s (1992)

Bernard Breakell

Case of Charles Beamish, clerk in the wages branch of the Treasury of the Navy at Devonport.

Charles Beamish

Naval records for genealogists (1988)

N.A.M Rodger