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Plymouth building accounts of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries (1967)

Plymouth, Devonport and Stonehouse with recent improvements ([1865])

A trve mapp and description of the Towne of Plymouth and the Fortifications therof, with the workes and approches of the enemy at the last seige Ano 1643 ([1980?])

Plymouth Harbour and Dock

[Plymouth Hoe] (c.1895)

[Plymouth from Mount Edgcumbe] (c.1900)

[Plymouth Hoe] (c.1900)

[Plymouth Hoe] (c.1900)

Plymouth Guildhall. 22394 (c.1900)

Plymouth: the New Bridge, Ivy Bridge. 2084 (c.1880)

Plymouth: the Old Bridge, Ivy Bridge. 2083 (c.1880)

Plymouth: Mallett's Hotel, Ivy Bridge. 2085 (c.1880)

Plymouth sticker book (2011)

Plymouth and coast (Devonport) tide times 2009 (2008)

Plymouth menu guide: Autumn/winter 2006 (2006)

Plymouth Coop Farm. Display Bath & West, Plymouth 1958 (1958)

Plymouth. The Scott Memorial and Mount Wise V4919 ([1960?])

Plymouth. Newton & Noss ([1930?])

Plymouth's Librarian (1916)

Plymouth Sound Catwater & Ham Ouse. ([1700?])

Plymouth and Exeter gazette (1760)

Plymouth extra (1979-)

Plymouth herald

Plymouth star

Plymouth advertiser

Plymouth times

Plymouth post

Plymouth weekly gazette

Plymouth pictorial and western figaro

Plymouth comet

Plymouth weekly times and western advertiser

Plymouth Mail (1860-)

Plymouth gazette

Plymouth times, Devonport, Stonehouse and West of England advert

Plymouth Devonport and Stonehouse news & South Devon mercantile

Plymouth Devonport and Stonehouse herald

Plymouth gazette

Plymouth and Devonport weekly journal

Plymouth and Dock telegraph

Plymouth chronicle

Plymouth chronicle

Plymouth gazette

Plymouth weekly-journal or general-post

Plymouth consumer

Plymouth diocesan yearbook (1958-)

Plymouth trac record

Plymouth magazine; or, the Universal intelligencer (1758)

Plymouth literary magazine; or, Devon and Cornwall scientific repository (1814)

Plymouth '70 (1969)

Plymouth (1970)