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Towards self-government (1974, )

Cornishness and Englishness: nested identities or incompatible ideologies (2009)

Bernard Deacon

County, nation, ethnic group? The shaping of the Cornish identity (2007)

Bernard Deacon

Towards a Cornish identity theory (1994)

Allen E. Ivey

A question of ethnic identity (2001)

Phillipa Aldous

Henry and Katherine Jenner: a celebration of Cornwall's culture, language and identity (2004)

Nationalized Cornwall (2006)

Terry Chapman

An forth: political magazine of Mebyon Kernow (1976-)

Mebyon Kernow & Cornish nationalism: the concise history (2002)

Cornwall marches on!: keskerdh Kernow 500 (1998, )

Kernow 500: Cornwall marches on 1497-1997 (1997)

How to be proper Cornish (1996)

Mark Penrose

A Celtic tomorrow: essays in Cornish nationalism (1973)

James Whetter

The little known history of Cornwall: a stamp for Cornwall = Stamp lyther rak Kernow (1975)

Program an Party Kenethlegek Kernow Programme of the Cornish Nationalist Party ([1978])