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Little Dartmouth (1975)

Little Dartmouth (1975)

Little Torrington the village: past and present ([1986])

The little book of Bath (2010)

Little laureates: Western England (2008)

Little laureates: West Country poets (2008)

Little laureates: Poems from Somerset (2007)

Little Albion Place, Exmouth, 1935 (1935)

Little laureates: verses from South West England (2007)

Little laureates: Somerset (2007)

Little laureates: Dorset (2007)

Little laureates: Devon and Cornwall (2007)

Little laureates: verses from the West Country (2007)

Little laureates: Devon (2007)

The little white town (c.1960)

Little Torrington & Taddiport: the memories of a Devon parish (2005)

Little legends from South West England (2005)

Little tales for little folks (1820?)

The little Robinson and other tales (1848?)

A little reading book for young children (1849?)

The little prisoner; or, A visit to the Island of Malta (1825)

Little Mary grown older (1792)

The little forget-me-not. Cousin Willy's holidays (1841)

The little sportsman's alphabet (n.d.)

A little guide to the church of St.Peter and St.Paul, Charlton Adam ([1935 ?])

Little lens (1986-)

Little Mis Tor (c.1860)

Little book of Bath (2003)

Little Red book of Bristol (1900)

A little play, entitled The rejected candidate ([1857])

A Little history of the West of England (Cornwall, Devonshire ...) (1900)

Little Dartmouth, Dartmouth, South Hams, Devon (1996)

The little known history of Cornwall: a stamp for Cornwall = Stamp lyther rak Kernow (1975)

A little book of Exeter Cathedral (1---)

A little history of St.Mary's, Denbury. ([1945?])

The little book of Arthurian wisdom (1994)