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Paddy Ashdoown at the Heathcoat factory in Tiverton to meet members of the South West CBI. 6.9.94 (1994)

Derek Meredith

The devastation inside the circular knitting plant at Heathcoat's, Tiverton, after fire swept through the department. 21.7.90 (1990)

John Ffoulkes

Derek Mounce, left, Eric Newton, John Heathcoat's managing director, and Mervin Burd examining fabric on the stenter. 7.1.91 (1991)

Chief engineer Will Stewart examines the £100,000 plans for John Heathcoat and Company, Tiverton. 26.4.91 (1991)

New gas boilers in the Heathcoat factory, Tiverton. 14.10.91 (1991)

Norman Young

The gutted section of the John Heathcoat mill at Tiverton. 21.7.90 (1990)

John Ffoulkes

Heathcoat managing director, Eric Newton, with a few of the weaving shed day shift. 4.2.93 (1993)

Derek Meredith

The Heathcoat factory buildings in Tiverton. 17.2.94 (1994)

Viccy Wilcox

A fireman inside the Heathcoat Factory, Tiverton. 21.7.90 (1990)

John Ffoulkes

Workers leaving the Heathcoat factory in Tiverton. 6.3.64 (1964)

Heathcoat's, Tiverton. 31.7.70 (1970)

Malcolm Wallace, left, dye shop manager, and Stephen Hayes, machine operator, unload the new dyeing machine at Heathcoat's factory, Tiverton. 17.12.91 (1991)

Norman Young

Tiverton - Heathcott factory. July '85 (1985)

Heathcote factory, Tiverton. Nov 81 (1981)

Bridget Cherry

Lace Factory, Tiverton ([1904])

The Lace Factory ([1902])

W. Mudford

Juvenile wage rates in Tiverton in 1864 and 1877 (1981)

W. P. Authers

The Great flood, Sunday, December Fourth, 1960 (1960)

The Lace Manufactory, Tiverton (1836)

R. Martin (Artist)

The lace factory & school, Tiverton ([1845])

William Spreat