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Mendip hills local plan: written statement (1986, )

Mendip hills local plan: written statement draft for consultation (1984, )

The manor of Widcombe: an historic landscape survey (1988)

Vince Russett

A Bath camera 1850-1950 (1983)

Simon Hunt

The County of Avon: official handbook (1982)

A catalogue of historic maps in Avon (1984)

Severn tidal barrage phase 1 survey (England): known archaeological ... sites in the intertidal zone (1989, , )

Richard McDonnell

Bath guides, newspapers, directories (1988)

Mendip Hills local plan: summary of draft for consultation (1984)

Structure plan: options in outline (1977)

Avon County structure plan: the historic environment: situation report (1978)

Railway stations & halts: a photographic record in Avon (1984)

Michael Oakley

Structure plan situation report: employment (1976)

Structure plan situation report: recreation & tourism (1976)

Structure plan situation report: housing (1976)

Structure plan situation report: population (1976)

Structure plan situation report: community facilities (1976)

Structure plan situation report: retailing (1976)

Structure plan situation report: countryside studies (1976)

Structure plan situation report: transportation (1976)

Structure plan situation report: resources (1976)

Structure plan situation report: public utilities (1976)

Village life in Avon: a study of Winford, Wickwar, Hinton Blewett and Timsbury (1981)

Industrial Archaeology of the Avon Valley (1990)

Our sustainable future: strategic principles and options for the Avon area to 2011, summary, replacement structure plan consultation document (1995)

Public transport plan 1979/80

Eckweek in Wellow: a case study in the organisation and origins of the medieval landscape and society of Somerset (c.1989)

Alexander Kidd

Mendip Hills Area of outstanding natural beauty district plan: consultative report of survey (1978, )

Mendip Hills local plan inquiry.: 1. Schedule of comments (1987, )

Mendip Hills area of outstanding natural beauty district plan: The issues, summary of response (, )

Wildlife & archaeology: Church Commissioner's Bleadon estate management report (1985)

Rob Iles

Avon county structure plan: written statement incorporating explanatory memorandum, November 1981 (1981)

Avon report: from the County Council for the people of Avon (1974-)

County of Avon development plan scheme: third review 1983-1984, April 1983 (1983)

Avon county structure plan: report on public consultation, November 1982. Volume 2 (1982)

Avon county structure plan: situation report : countryside studies, September 1976 (1976)

Nailsea town centre plan, February 1982 (1982)

Avon county structure plan: second alteration : written statement, April 1987 (1987)

County of Avon, policy budget 1983 (1983)

Sources of advice for smaller firms in Avon ([1983])

South West Avon green belt local plan: written statement : consultation draft (1986)

Avon county structure plan: report of survey : supplement, November 1981 (1981)

Avon county structure plan: report of survey, May 1980 (1980)

Railways in Avon: a short history of their development and decline, 1832-1982 (1983)

Railway stations and halts: a photographic record in Avon (1984)

Michael Oakley

Bristol (1985)

Bristol (1983)

Marshfield 1982: interim report on the excavation of an iron- age & Romano-British settlement (1983)

Kevin Blockley

Avon seen, 1987: attractions to visit in and around Avon (1987)

Avon's past from the air ([1984])