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Bideford town guide 2015-2016 (2015)

Bideford Grammar School, North Devon: prospectus (1935)

[Bideford carnival?] (c.1890)

[Bideford Bridge] (c.1895)

[Bideford Gasworks] (c.1950)

Bideford Bridge (c.1900)

[Bideford Bridge] (c.1925)

[Bideford cattle market] (c.1930)

[Bideford Fire Brigade] (c.1925)

Bideford. The Promenade, 1880 (c.1880)

[Bideford harbour office] (c.1890)

[Bideford Bridge] (c.1863)

Bideford quay, Devon (c.1895)

Bideford old quay (c.1895)

[Bideford Quay] (c.1895)

[Bideford cattle market] (c.1900)

[Bideford Bridge] (1925)

[Bideford Bridge] (c.1890)

[Bideford] (c.1895)

[Bideford Bridge] (c.1925)

Bideford old quay (c.1895)

[Bideford Fire Brigade] (c.1925)

[Bideford parish church bells] (1929)

[Bideford Quay] (c.1830)

Bideford Voluntary Junior School. July 1946 (1946)

Bideford Bay companion '07: the visitors' guide covering Bideford, Appledore, Northam, Westward Ho! and surrounding areas (2007)

Bideford Rural District (North Devon): the official guide ([1950?)

SS4426NE (1979)

Bideford Bay companion 2008: the complete visitors' guide (2008)

Bideford, Westward Ho & Appledore. Engine and train at Bideford (c.1905)

{Bideford] (c.1900)

Bideford (c.1960)

Bideford town guide 2003-2004 (2003)

Bideford, view of river ([1930?])

Bideford (c.1960)

Bideford (c.1960)

Bideford (c.1960)

Bideford, Old Ship Inn ([1920?])

[Bideford] (c.1960)

Bideford Bridge Dec. 1965 (1965)

Bideford, North Devon, on the River Torridge: the bridge which spans the river is 677ft. long and has twenty-four arches (c.1960)

The little white town in Devon (1947)

Goman, Annie M.

Bideford and Barnstaple in 1759 (1929)

Bideford and the Armada (1929)

Bideford and Barnstaple in 1724 (1929)

Bideford buzz: newsletter for the Bideford area (2000-)

Bideford weekly gazette

Bideford and North Devon weekly gazette

Bideford and North Devon gazette

Bideford gazette