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[Sir Otho de Grandisson's tomb in Ottery St.Mary Church] (c.1900)

[Sir Otho de Grandisson's tomb in Ottery St.Mary Church] (c.1900)

[Sir John Elwill, Second Governor of the Exeter Corporation of the Poor] (1913)

[Sir Ian Heathcoat-Amory] (c.1906)

Sir James Thornhill, historical painter (c.1734)

Sir Thos.Rumbold Bt. (1782)

Sir Nicholas Carew. Ob. 1539 (c.1830)

Sir John Barrow Bart., Secretary to the Admiraltyfrom 1804 to 1845 (c.1850)

Sr.Bevil Greenvil (c.1730)

Sir Bevil Granvil (c.1713)

Sir.William Curtis, Bart. Ald. & M.P. (c.1825)

Sr.Nicholas Bacon Lord Keeper of the Great Seal (1750)

Sir Richard Fanshawe. Bt. The property of Mr.J.G.Fanshawe. No. 666 ([1880?])

Sir Philip Monckton, Kt. The property of Viscount Galway, M.P. No. 770 ([1880?])

Sir Twysden, Kt. and Bt. The property of the Rev.Lambert B.Larking. No. 777 ([1880?])

Sir William Follett, M.P. (c.1840)

Sir David Brewster, L.D.D. K.H.: inventor of the stereoscope (c.1865)

Sr.Walter Ralegh (c.1750)

Sr. Kenelm Digby (c.1750)

Sr. Henry Spelman ([1765?])

Sir George Strode (1810)

Sir Geoe.Strode (1810)

Sir Joseph Mawbey Bart. (1787)

Sir Henry Morgan, the buccaneer: from an original portrait in the British Museum (1842)

Sir Vickery Gibbs Knt., His Majesty's Attorney Genl. (1809)

Sir Jno.Maynard. From the original in the possession of E.Taylor Esqr. at Bifrons (1815)

Sir Richd.Greenvile (1802)

Sr. Edward Coke Lord Chief Justice (c.1750)

Sir N.Slanning (c.1810)

Sir William Morice, Knt. Secretary of State to King Charles II (1794)

[Sir Charles Lyell] (c.1855)

[Sir Roderick Impey Murchison] (c.1855)

Sir Joshua Reynolds, Knt. (1783)

Sir Joshua Reynolds ([1830?])

Thos. Dyke Acland (c.1820)

[Sir Thomas Dyke Acland] (c.1890)

[Sir Thomas Dyke Acland] (c.1870)

[Sir Thomas Dyke Acland] (c.1870)

Sir C.Thomas Dyke Acland, Bt. ([1910?])

Sir Gawain and the classical tradition: essays on the ancient antecedents (2005)

Sir Wilfrid Peek, Bart (1928)

Sir William Henry White : late constructor of the Royal Navy (1914)

Sir Charles Pinkham (1939)

Sir John S. Pearse (1936)

Sir J.C. Squire (1934)

Sir J. Squire (1959)

Sir Greville Maginness (1949)

Sir Robert Parr : Champion of ill-treated children (1930)

Sir Roper (1920)

Sir H.R. Selley, J.P., M.P (1944)