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In Xanadu...: a companion to Samuel Taylor Coleridge's 'Kubla Khan' (2016)

Justin Shepherd

S.T. Coleridge, Edwin Atherstone and the Grove Conversazione: some newly discovered letters (2001)

T. W. Mayberry

The making of poetry: Coleridge, the Wordsworths and their year of marvels (2019)

Adam Nicolson

Coleridge in Somersetshire... and Stuckey's version for his dramatic recital of the Rime of the ancient marinere by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Harry Dymond Stuckey

Somerset's superstars

Malcolm Rigby

The new Romantic way

Malcolm Rigby

Coleridge and Chilcompton

Peggy Reid

Walking in the footsteps of Coleridge and Wordsworth

In search of Coleridge

Christopher Maycock

Coleridge cottage

Durand Malet

Coleridge's Carrier

Lawrence, Berta

Poetic footsteps

Judith Lawlor

John Chubb, a friend of Coleridge

Lawrence, Berta

Coleridge's first chapel

Lawrence, Berta

Coleridge's Stowey circle (seen by a contemporary)

Lawrence, Berta

Coleridge and the Quantocks

Hesketh, Robert

Coleridge and Nether Stowey

William H. P. Greswell

The witchery of the Quantock Hills

William H. P. Greswell

Somerset's literary links

Sarah Ford

Coleridge and the Dragoons

David Cox

The lake poets in Somersetshire

Ernest Hartley Coleridge

The Cornubian and West-Countrie annual

Two great poets at Clevedon

Fred James Chapple

Three little pilgrimages

Ellen Anne Boyer Brown

Coleridge at Nether Stowey

Ronald Blythe

Where writers find their souls

Clive Aslet

Samuel Daniel and the "lake poets"

D. P. Alford (Reverend)

The Quantock Christabel

John Adlard

The cradle of the lake poets

J. R. Vernon

Coleridge and Wordsworth in the West Country: their friendship, work, and surroundings (1913)

William Knight

Coleridge: darker reflections (1998)

Richard Holmes

Coleridge: early visions (1989)

Richard Holmes

Walford's oak: a novel (1990)

Jill M. Phillips (Novelist)

Coleridge and Wordsworth in the West country (1992)

T. W. Mayberry

Coleridge (1889)

H. D. Traill

William and Dorothy (1938)

Helen Rosaline Ashton

Coleridge and Wordsworth in Somerset (1970)

Lawrence, Berta

Coleridge and Wordsworth in the West Country (1914)

William Knight

Specimens of the table talk (1835)

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor

Specimens of the table talk (1835)

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor

Coleridge: Darker reflections (1999)

Richard Holmes

Coleridge: early visions (2005)

Richard Holmes

The Coleridge Cottage at Nether Stowey (1910)

An oration on the death of Samuel Taylor Coleridge delivered at the Russell Institution on Friday August 8, 1834 (1834)

J. A. Heraud

Coleridge and Wordsworth: the crucible of friendship (2000)

T. W. Mayberry

The rime of the ancient mariner: illustrated by N Noel Paton RSA (1863)

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor

Christabel (1907)

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor

The Friend: a weekly , moral and political weekly paper (1810)

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor

The rime of the ancient mariner ([1911?])

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor

The Coleridge bulletin: the Journal of the Friends of Coleridge, New series 33 (NS) Summer 2009 (2009)