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Excavations in Christchurch 1969-1980. (1983)

Keith S. Jarvis

The bronze age cremation cemeteries at Simons Ground, Dorset. (1982)

D. A. White

Proceedings of the Dorset Natural History & Archaeological Society 1984 (1985)

Excavations in Poole, 1973-83 (1992)

Ian P. Horsey

Redeemed from the heath: the archaeology of the Wytch Farm oilfield (1987-90) (1991)

Peter W. Cox, Carrie M. Hearne

Dorchester excavations, vol. 1: excavations at Wadham House 1968; Dorchester Prison 1970, 1975 and 1978; and Glyde Path Road 1966. (1982)

Jo Draper, Christopher Chaplin

The South Dorset Ridgeway: survey and excavations 1977-84. (1991)

Peter J. Woodward

Proceedings of the Dorset Natural History & Archaeological Society 1959 (1960)

Dorset barrows (1959)

Leslie V. Grinsell

A geographical handbook of the Dorset flora; including a chapter on the soils of Dorset, by K.L.Robinson (1948)

Ronald Good

Historic towns in Dorset (1980)

K. J. Penn

Excavations at Poundbury 1966-80 (1993)

Excavations at Poundbury ... 1966-1982 (1987)

Romano-British industries in Purbeck (1987)

A revised list of the birds of Dorset ([1934])

F. L. Blathwayt

A concise flora of Dorset (1984)

Ronald Good

Man and the land: 150 years of Dorset farming, 1846-1996 (1996)

J. H. Bettey

Six martyrs of Tolpuddle (1970)

Francis R. L. Bath

Maumbury Rings (1968)

H. S. L. Dewar

The Dorset County Museum (1964)

The archaeology of rural Dorset: past, present and future (1982)

L. M. Groube

Excavations at the Old Methodist Chapel and Greyhound Yard, Dorchester 1981-4 (1993)

Peter J. Woodward

Dorset Bird Report

Blessings, beliefs & buildings: 2000 years of Christianity in Wessex (2000)

V. Dawson

Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society proceedings

Moth immigations to Dorset in 2006 (2007)

Peter Davey

Dorset rainfall 2006 (2007)

John Oliver (Meteorologist)

Dorset rainfall 2006 (2007)

John Oliver (Meteorologist)

A problematic fossil from the Cherty Freshwater Member, Purbeck limestone group, Swanage (2007)

Paul Ensom

Shillingston roman villa: summary account and interpretation (2007)

Mark Corney

Western Road archaeological site, Portland: interim report (2007)

Susann Palmer (Archaeologist)

Excavations at High Lea Farm, Hinton Martell, dorset: an interim report of field work (2007)

John Gale

An old road at Bare Cross, Church Knowle (2007)

John Palmer (Archaeologist)

Botanical diversity in clearings created around Little Sea, Studland peninsula, Dorset, monitored between 1996 and 2005 (2007)

J. H. S. Cox

The coastal defences of Lyme Regis: recent archaeological investigations (2007)

M. D. Wilson

Early medieval features at West Lear's Farm, Chard Junction Quarry, Thorncombe, Dorset (2007)

Sian Anthony

A late roman coin hoard from the county hospital site, Dorchester (2007)

Nicholas Cooke

Excavations at Myncen Farm, Sixpenny Handley, Dorset: a summary report (2007)

Christopher Sparey-Green

Sources of bricks used to rebuild Blandford Forum after the fire of 1731 (2007)

Judith Ford

A section through the Oxford Clay in north Dorset with notes on the Holnest and King's Stag brickpits and the Winterbourne Kingston borehole (1989)

C. R. Bristow

The macroinvertebrate fauna of the Moors River and Uddens Water in Dorset (1989)

J. F. Wright

The mesolithic of Cranborne Chase (1989)

John Arnold

Rescue excavations of a roman enclosure and field system at West Moors, Dorset, 1988 (1989)

Sally Howard

Excavations on a pipeline near the River Frome, Worgret, Dorset (1989)

David Maynard

Iron age metalworking tools from Gussage All Saints, Dorset (1989)

Vanessa Fell

Excavation survey on Furzey Island, Poole Harbour, Dorset, 1985 (1989)

Peter W. Cox

A seventh century inhumation cemetery at Shepherd's Farm, Ulwell near Swanage, Dorset (1989)

Peter W. Cox

Documentary and other evidence for medieval and post-medieval ceramic production in Dorset (1989)

Paul Spoerry

The 1830 parliamentary election in Shaftesbury (1989)

F. C. Hopton

Some effects of habitat change on the Dorset flora (1990)

Anne Horsfall