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Sir George Carew's scroll of arms 1588: with additions from Joseph Holland's collection of arms 1579 (1901)

The history of Devonshire scenery: an essay in geographical evolution (1906)

Arthur W. Clayden

A true relation of those sad and lamentable accidents which happened in and about the parish church of Withycombe in the Dartmoores in Devonshire on Sunday the 21st of October last 1638 (1905)

The accounts of the wardens of the parish of Morebath, Devon 1520-1573 (1904)

J. Erskine Binney

Devon documents (1996)

The misericords of Exeter Cathedral (1920)

Kate M. Clarke

Bosses and corbels of Exeter Cathedral: an illustrative study in deorative and symbolic design (1910)

Edith K. Prideaux

Early tours in Devon and Cornwall (1918)

An old Exeter manuscript: a short chronicle of the church of Exeter tenths and fifteenths of the hundresd of Devon 1384, writ and proclamation against lollards of Henry IV, charter to Exeter Edward ... (1907)

Oswald J. Reichel (Reverend)

The Organ in Kilkhampton Church: From magazine The Organ and other leaflet

W. L. Sumner

Devon and Cornwall notes and queries (1900-)

Spicer's charity, Halberton, 1609 (1974)

W. P. Authers

Chichester Raleigh (1902)

Chichester Raleigh (1902)

The hermits and early history of Badgeworthy (1914)

John Frederick Chanter (Reverend)

Heraldry in Bridford church (1914)

Tapley-Soper, H

Devon dedications (1914)

Sabine Baring-Gould (Reverend)

Thomas Brerewode, vicar of Colyton (1911)

A. J. P. Skinner

Yonge of Colyton (1910)

A. J. P. Skinner

Aveton Giffard (1906)

H. F. G-

The Commons of Devon (1900)

W. F. C-

Cary of Follaton (1900)

, J.B R

North Bovey superstitions (1900)

W. H. T-

Rapid travelling (1900)

P. F. S. Amery

Sergeant Maynard's wives (1975)

Michael Landon

Dowrich and the Dowrich family of Sandford. Part 4 (1975)

G. E. Trease

Arthur Leyman, artist, 1856-1933 (1975)

J. R. W. Coxhead

The puritan minister John Syms (1975)

Amos C. Miller

Thomas Chiverton's book of obits. Part 2 (1975)

P. L. Hull

The population of Exeter in 1641-2 (1975)

W. B. Stephens

Fragments of monumental brasses: Clawton and Okehampton (1975)

P. J. Whittemore

Plymouth Brethren at Tiverton (1975)

W. P. Authers

Water mills in East Devon. Part 4 (1975)

M. C. Phillips (Writer on mills)

Retter: the making of a surname (1975)

Robin Stanes

The Kitson diaries. Part 3 (1975)

D. H. Cozens

Tavistock Boethius (1920)

R. B. M-

The Churchill family (1920)

Chope, R. Pearse

Spanish Armada (1920)

L. Cary

Children's song games in Devon (1920)

Edwin Spencer Chalk

Ashburton, draft will of Thomas Harris of (1920)

Hugh Robert Watkin

Samuel Grose, M.D., F.R.C.S (1920)

Exclusion from burying in a churchyard (1920)

Oswald J. Reichel (Reverend)

Early deans in the diocese of Exeter (1920)

Oswald J. Reichel (Reverend)

Silver cup (1920)

R. B. M-

Name plates on bottles (1920)

William J. Stephens (Doctor)

Walter de Clopton (1920)

Oswald J. Reichel (Reverend)

Barnstaple ovens (1919)

Chope, R. Pearse

Letters patent of King Edward VI, dated 14 August, 1551, appointing Miles Coverdale Bishop of Exeter (1919)

Hugh Robert Watkin

A Devon sheriff's account of the time of William and Mary (1919)

J. W. Schopp

Goldsworthy family (1919)

Hugh Robert Watkin