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Luminescence Dating: Guidelines on using luminescence dating in archaeology (2008)

Monuments open free to members of English Heritage (1984)

Buildwas Abbey, Shropshire (2002)

David M. Robinson

Management of archaeological projects (1991)

The need for research frameworks (1994)

Roman Ilchester

Farming historic landscapes and people

Byland Abbey (1990)

Ancient monuments in the countryside (1987)

Pickering Castle, Yorkshire (1988)

M. W. Thompson

Belsay Hall, Castle and Gardens (2005)

Roger White

Bury St. Edmunds Abbey, Sufflolk (1995)

A. B. Whittingham

Lindisfarne Priory (2005)

Joanna Story

St Mary's Church Studley Royal, Yorkshire (1995)

Peter Leach

Abbeys of Yorkshire (1988)

Colin Platt

Prospects at Whitby: Anglo-Saxon treasures discovered at Whitby Abbey

Nikki Household

Whitby Abbey (2002)

Helmsley Castle, North Yorkshire (1990)

Glyn Coppack

Kirkham Priory, North Yorkshire (2000)

Stuart A. Harrison

Rievaulx Abbey (2006)

Peter Fergusson

Rievaulx Abbey (1986)

Plantagenet Somerset Fry

Prehistoric embanked pit-alignments on Ebberston Low Moor, Ryedale, North Yorkshire: archaeological field survey (1999)

Stewart Ainsworth

Rievaulx Abbey: a discovery pack for families (1987)

Prehistoric monuments in the A1 corridor (2004)

Alison Deegan

Rievaulx Abbey (1990s?)

Glyn Coppack

Halesowen Abbey and its environs: survey report (2005)

Graham Brown

Stonehenge and neighbouring monuments (1987)

R. J. C. Atkinson

Groundwell Ridge, Blunsdon St Andrew, Swindon: report on ground penetrating radar survey, July 2002 (2002)

Neil Linford


Stonehenge (2005)

Julian Richards

Groundwell Ridge, Blunsdon St Andrew, Swindon: report on geophysical survey, March - April 2002 (2002)

Paul Linford

Insuring your historic building: houses and commercial surveyors (03/1997)

Lindisfarne Priory and Holy Island (1988)

Eric Cambridge

Iron Age cemeteries in East Yorkshire: excavations at Burton Fleming, Rudston, Garton-on-the-Wolds and Kirkburn (1991)

I. M. Stead

Metal detecting and archaeology in England (1995)

Colin Dobinson

English Heritage Archaeology Division research agenda: draft (08/04/1997)

Welcome to Halesowen Abbey

Teachers Guide to learning from objects (1990)

Gail Durbin

Brinkburn Priory, Northumberland (1988)

Terrain and rural settlement mapping: The methodology and preliminary results (08/1995)

Brian K. Roberts

Bede's world: The Museum of Early Medieval Northumbria at Jarrow (1995)

Archaeology review, 1994-95 (1995)

Adrian Olivier

Lindisfarne Priory and Holy Island (1999)

Eric Cambridge

Archaeology review, 1996-97 (1997)

Adrian Olivier

Archaeology review, 1995-96 (1996)

Adrian Olivier

Archaeology review, 1991-92 (1992)

G. J. Wainwright

Verulamium: the King Harry Lane site (1989)

I. M. Stead

Wetland management: a survey for English Heritage (1995)

Bryony Coles

The English Heritage Research Review 2009 (2009)