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Coastal heritage risk imagery in support of heritage planning and management in south west England: final report for Historic England (2016)

Robin McInnes

Cedar Falls, Bishop's Lydeard. 13.1.92 (1992)

The charred sleeping compartments of the Penzance to London train at Taunton Station. 6.7.78 (1978)

The development of crawler tracks and tractors: and their Somerset and Devon connections (2015)

Effigy of the cloven hoof (2015)

Ellen Foster

Somerset mapped: Cartography in the county through the centuries (2016)

Emma Down

Transported to America: Somerset convicts and their crimes 1722-1775 (c.2013)

Paul Mansfield

Exmoor and the Quantocks walks: outstanding circular walks (2016, )

Brian Conduit

Barton St. David: moments in time (March 2016)

Frome in the Great War (2016)

David Lassman

Roman sites in the Mendip, Cotswold, Wye Valley and Bristol region (1974)

Max Hebditch

Taunton flower show: Bob Homeshaw, chairman 2004-2016 (2016)

Anne Leamon

Ten parishes and other poems (2012)

John Jarrett

Church House, Crowcombe: a history (2016)

Peter Meneer

The pictorial history of Glastonbury Abbey (1969)

Courtenay Arthur Ralegh Radford

The ladies of Dunster Castle: grand dames, wicked wives and other tales of a historic castle's women (2016)

Jim Lee

Joseph of Arimathea's treasure (2015)

Ellen Foster

The girl on Codsend Moor: The mysterious disappearance and death of Molly Phillips (2016)

Matthew Greenwood

Somerset cricketers 1882-1914 (2016)

Stephen Hill

Origin of the Stuckey surname (2016)

C. J. Stuckey

Taunton flower show: the oldest longest running show in the country (2013)

Anne Leamon

The bottom corner: a season with the dreamers of non-league football (2016)

Nige Tassell

From persecution to acceptance: A history of Quakers in Wiveslicombe and Milverton, Somerset, 17th-19th centuries (2016)

Brian Collingridge

The hidden edge of Exmoor (2011)

David Kester Webb

The hidden edge of Exmoor (2011)

David Kester Webb

Your Somerset

Photographic guide to the Taunton stop line (2017)

Bob Osborn

50 classic cycle climbs: The Bristol-Bath region (2016)

J. J. Wheeler

Women's employment in agriculture: their position in Somerset in 1843 (1994)

Marion Churchill

Wellington Poetry Club 1982-1987 (2016)

John Jarrett

The forgotten history of Somerset (2016)

Allan Bunyan

The Foxes of Wellington: a family in business (2010)

Dorothy Lomas

The diaries of Sir Ernest Satow, 1912-1920: Volume 2 (1917-1920) (2018)

Ernest Satow (Sir)

Three Simonsbath carpenters: a glimpse into the history of the heart of Exmoor as revealed through the lives of the carpenters who worked there (2015)

Graham Wills

Hope Bourne's history of Exmoor (2018)

Hope L. Bourne

Geology and landscape in and around Yeovil (2005)

Hugh Prudden

ST25SE (1961)

Somerset: unique images from the archives of Historic England (2019)

Andrew Powell-Thomas

Exmoor: Short walks (2017)

Sue Viccars

The Bridgwater bell foundries (1739-1833), and comparisons with other foundries on the Severn estuary at those times at Chepstow and Gloucester. (11/2019)

Geoffrey R. Marchant

The Colour of milk (2013)

Nell Leyshon

ST25SE and part of ST25SW (1974)

Stream story I: a riveting riverscape - River Brue, Somerset. (2018)

S. M. Haslam, Tina Bone

Extracts from deeds, charters and grants relating to Devonshire and Somerset made circa 1617 (1916)

William Pole (Sir)

A-Z of Minehead and Dunster: places, people, history. (2019)

Lynne Cleaver

The diaries of Sir Ernest Satow, 1912-1920: Volume 1 (1912-1916) (2018)

Ernest Satow (Sir)

Slow travel Exmoor National Park: local, characterful guide to Britain's special places (2019)

Hilary Bradt

Exmoor's ancient routeways: history, archaeology and historic landscape analysis: Exmoor Mires Project : project report, June 2016 (2016)

Hazel Riley

Exmoor naturalist: No.44: part 2 Autumn 2018 (2018)

100 birds. (2020)

Carl Bovis