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Effigy of the cloven hoof (2015)

Ellen Foster

The ports of the Bristol Channel (1893)

Roman Woodchester - its villa and mosaic. (2000)

John Cull (Rev.)

The Bridgwater bell foundries (1739-1833), and comparisons with other foundries on the Severn estuary at those times at Chepstow and Gloucester. (11/2019)

Geoffrey R. Marchant

The Myxomycetes (slime moulds) of the Forest of Dean: their ststus, ecology and distribution. (02/2021)

John Holden

Snowshill Manor, Gloucestershire (1969)

The religious census of Bristol and Gloucestershire 1851 (2015)

Bristol: last age of the merchant princes (1991)

Timothy Mowl

Geological observations on part of Gloucestershire and Somersetshire

Thomas Weaver

South West family histories: Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Wiltshire (1998)

Stuart A. Raymond

An act for making and repairing several roads round the City of Bristol: Statutes. Local ; 19 Geo. III c.117 (1784)

P & A Campbell pleasure steamers from 1946 (2001)

Chris Collard

Gloucestershire and Bristol: a genealogical bibliography (1992)

Stuart A. Raymond

A green thumbprint on a smudge of a city: a walking guide to Castle Park, Bristol (2010)

Barb Drummond

Once upon a tide: Looking back at shipping at Saul Junction fifty years ago (2011)

David V. H. Wheeler

Death and the bridge: the Georgian rebuilding of Bristol Bridge (2005)

Barb Drummond

The University of Bristol: a history (2009)

Sarah Whittingham

Bristol lives (2011)

Maurice Fells

People and places in Bristol (1986)

Forest ports of the Severn (2010)

Colin Green

Seamen in Victorian Gloucester (2009)

Hugh Conway-Jones

Bristol (2010)

Kelly's directory of the county of Gloucester (1939)

Bristol (2001)

Keith Bassett

Boxkite to Concorde: one hundred years of Bristol aircraft (2010)

Peter R. March

The hidden history of St.Andrews, Bristol (2009)

Michael Manson

Bristol's trade with Ireland and the continent, 1503-1601: the evidence of the exchequer customs accounts (2009)


Bristol in 1807: impressions of the city at the time of abolition (2009)

Anthony Beeson

For King & Parliament: Bristol and the Civil War (2009, )

John Lynch

Henbury dynasties (2005)

Marguerite Tonkin

Easton, Eastville and St Jude's (2005)

Easton ..,

Bristol City greats (2005)

Ivan Ponting

Bristol Rovers greats (2005)

Ivan Ponting

Bristol by balloon (2009)

Dave Groombridge

George Muller of Bristol (1805-1898) (2008)

Arthur T. Pierson

[Wye Valley Railway] ([1885?])

John Stabb

White Funnel fleet (2008)

Chris Collard

Walking words: a walk around the literary associations of Bristol and Clifton (c2000)

David Thompson

Bristol: a people's history (2007)

Peter Aughton

Bristol, Africa and the eighteenth-century slave trade to America. Vol.2: the years of ascendancy 1730-1745 (1996)

Bristol, Africa and the eighteenth-century slave trade to America. Vol.1: the years of expansion 1689-1729 (1996)

Bristol: a miscellany (2006)

The shot tower and the terrace: a history of Windsor Terrace 1790-1990 : written to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the terrace (1990)

Angela Rodaway

Life in Victorian Bristol (2005)

Helen Reid

City: Bristol today in poems and pictures : and anthology of new poems by Bristol poets (2004)

Helen Dunmore, Gross, Philip

Explorer 154: Bristol West & Portishead. (2005)

The work of this CHC: a review (2002?)

Children's Bristol: the family guide to Bristol and the west (2005)

Bristol: a new perspective (2005)

Sally Mundy

The old pubs of Bristol (2005)

Veronica Smith