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Channel Islands

Secret Guernsey (2015)

Amanda Bennett

Walking on Jersey (2015)

Paddy Dillon

The commando raid on Sark in 1943: disaster of the French/British joint raids from Dartmouth (2007)

Preston, Eric

Glossary for the historian of Jersey (2011)

Christopher Neil Aubin

A rare find (2011)

Elizabeth Jones

Jersey through time (2012)

Keith E. Morgan

The Channel Islands (2011)

Beata Moore (Photographer)

Tracing your Channel Islands ancestors: a guide for family historians (2011)

Marie-Louise Backhurst

A year in Sark: September 2009 - September 2010 (2010)

Sue Daly

Great Breaks Guernsey (2011)

Susie Boulton

Guernsey past and present (2011)

Brian Shipman

A Jersey century: 100 years of memories from the Jersey Evening Post (2000)

Channel Islands 8th ed (2009)

Mawer, Fred

Bloney good times (2009)

Sally Guilmoto

A Jersey family from Vikings to Victorians: the story of an extended family across a thousand years (2009, , , , )

Rosemary Hampton

The German occupation of Jersey during World War 2: my personal story (2010)

David Rive

Love apples too: a life in Guernsey (2009)

Yvonne Ozanne

Telling tales: Guernsey news, views, ideas, snippets and gossip from the early mid-1800s (2010)

Susan Ilie

Journey round St. Helier: six strolls discovering people and places in the town at the centre of Jersey’s affairs (2009)

Robin Pittman

Landscapes of Jersey: a countryside guide (2010)

Geoff Daniel

Alderney place names : their pronunciation, derivation and meaning (2009)

Royston Raymond

Donkey's at work (2007)

George Torode

Boat services to the smaller Channel Islands: the ferry and supply boats of Herm Island, Jethou, Brecqou and Fermain Bay (2010)

Brian Chilton

Jersey (2010)

Susie Boulton

A concise history of Jersey: a new perspective (2009)

Colin Platt

[Mount Orguiel Castle, Jersey] (c.1900)

Jersey: portrait of an island (2009)

Anna Le Moine Gray

Guernsey .. (2008)

A time for memories (2009, )

Molly Bihet

The island of dread in the Channel (2009)

Georgi Ivanovitch Kondakov

A walk round Jersey's coastline (2009)

John N. Merrill

Alderney at war 1939-49 (2009)

Brian Bonnard

Alderney from old photographs (2009)

Brian Bonnard

Reflections of Guernsey (2009)

Molly Bihet

From antiquary to archaeologist: Frederic Corbin of Lukis of Guernsey (2007)

Sebire, Heather

A child's war (2009)

Molly Bihet

From the mouths of babes: the truth about the evacuation and occupation and their effects on the lives of 40 children (2008)

Corral Ann Smith

A farmer's vacatiom in 1873: Jersey, Guernsey and Sark (2008)

George Edwin Waring

Jersey (2004)

Susie Boulton

Jersey: not quite British : rural history of a singular people (2005)

David Le Feuvre

Green dolphin country (2008, )

Goudge, Elizabeth

Report on the investigation of two accidents during berthing and unberthing of Logos II St Helier, Jersey, 20 and 26 June 2007 (2008)

Perfect Jersey (2008)

Andy Stansfield

Guernsey (2008)

Jersey (2008)

Journey round Jersey: coast and conversations : ninety encounters on a fifty-mile walk (2005)

Robin Pittman

Guernsey, with Alderney, Sark and Herm car tours and walks (2008)

Geoff Daniel

Around the Channel Islands (2008)

Catherine Rothwell

Spirit of Guernsey: a photographic profile of the Bailiwick of Guernsey : including Herm, Sark, Brecqhou and Jethou (2003)

Michael Thompson