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Bristol Channel pilot cutters: a thesis (2015)

David H. Phillips (Maritime historian)

Clifton High School magazine 1977 (1977)

Genealogical memoranda relating to the family of Fox, of Brislington, etc. (1988)

Bristol privateers and ships of war (1930)

J. W. Damer Powell (Nautical historian)

From cat to cathedral: Bristol's religious heritage (2007)

Barb Drummond

Bristol & transatlantic slavery (2010)

Bristol from the air (2010)

David Goddard

Westbury-on-Trym: monastery, minster and college (2010)

Orme, Nicholas

A Grand city: life, movement and wor k: Bristol in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries : essays in honour of Gerard Leighton, F.S.A. (2010)

Past Bristol times: 22 fascinating episodes from Bristol's rich history (2008)

Geoffrey Body

Once upon a tide: a look back at shipping at Avonmouth 50 years ago (2008)

Robert Shopland

The sailing pilots of the Bristol Channel (2010)

Peter J. Stuckey

Bristol murders (2010)

Mike Posner

Myths, facts and feelings: Bristol and transatlantic slavery (2010)

Bristol (2010)

Janine Amos

Bristol's cranes: a celebration of the cranes in Bristol harbour (2010)

Thomas Rasche

A boot up Bristol (2010)

Legg, Rodney

Bristol speedway: the Bulldogs roar (2010)

David Woods

Clevedon: places and faces (2010)

Penny a jar (2010)

Keith Harris

Migrants and refugees: Muslim and Christian Pakistani families in Bristol (2010)

Patricia Jeffrey

Pirates and privateers out of Bristol: a history of buccaneers and sea rovers (2010)

Ken Griffiths

Ghosts of Arnos Manor Hotel, Bristol (2009)

Ken Taylor

Discover Bristol on foot: walks and quizes (2008)

John Dennis

The Bristol boys: the untold story of Bristol's champion boxers (2009)

Jack Allen

Bristol derby days (2009)

Neil Palmer

Interior, St. Mary Redcliff (c.1890)

St. Mary Redcliff, Bristol (c.1890)

Suspension bridge, Clifton (c.1890)

The Bristol Avon: a pictorial history: from source to Avonmouth (2005)

Josephine Jeremiah

Bristol City - from Atyeo to Dicks: a personal memoir (2009)

Edward Giles

Bristol Rovers on this day: history, facts and figures from every day of the year (2009)

Stephen Byrne

A season to remember: Bristol Rovers' promotion season 1973/74 (2010)

Ian Haddrell

The Severn and Avon (c2008)

Garner, Lawrence,

Bristol city docks through time (2009)

Brian Lewis

Life after Bristol City (2009)

Don Veale

Life after Bristol Rovers (2009)

Don Veale

A palladian villa in Bristol: Clifton Hill House and the people who lived there (2009)

Annie Burnside

Discovering Bristol's harbourside: a journey into the heart of Bristol (2010)

James Russell

Bristol's floating harbour: the first 200 years (2009)

Peter Malpass

Bristol City: the modern era : a complete record (2007, )

David Woods

Bristol 1807 a sense of place our city in the year of abolition: Slavery, abolition and emancipation : a reading list (2009)

Jane Bradley

Co-operate! Co-ordinate! Unify!: the 1920 proposal to amalgamate the medical charities of Bristol (2007)

George Campbell Gosling

Portrait of Bristol (2008)

Tony Howell

Bristol (from Rownham Ferry) (c.1830)

S. Bradshaw

Bristol murders (2008)

Nicola Sly

Itchy Bristol: a city and entertainment guide to Bristol (2008)

Joseph Cottle and the romantics: the life of a Bristol publisher (2008)

Basil Cottle

Street atlas Bristol, Avonmouth, Filton, Keynsham (2008)

Bristol Football Club (RFU) (2008)

Mark Hoskins