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Diving helmets and equipment through the ages: a museum in a book (2012)

Anthony Pardoe

The history of England's cathedrals (2017)

Orme, Nicholas

Nobody of any importance: a foot soldier's memoir of World War I (2014)

Sam Sutcliffe

Memories (2013)

Gail Griffiths

Brass rubbings ([1846])

Schofield's local government elections (1973)

Barbara Hepworth: within the landscape: Abbot Hall Art gallery, 5 July - 28 September 2014 ([2014])

Beth Hughes

Be creative with workbox: textile and needlecraft creations, inspirations and innovations. (2015)

Be creative ..

Assignment Armenia: Rev Crosby Howard Wheeler (1823-1896) and Susan Anna Brooking (1827-1917) missionaries in Turkey and Wilmot Wood Brooking (1830-1905) Governor of Dakota Territory ... (2014)

Thorsten Sjolin

A Ferryland merchant - magistrate: the journal and cases of Robert Carter, Esq. J.P. 1832-1840 (2013)

Carter, Robert

Local history in England (2014)

Hoskins, W. G.

Historical Britain: A comprehensive account of the development of rural and urban life and landscape from prehistory to the present day (1995)

Eric S. Wood

The People's Heritage: A New Partnership for a National Resource (1998)

Church and nation: The Bishop Paddock Lectures for 1914-15 (1916)

Temple, William

Christianity and the state (1929)

Temple, William

The Kingdom of God: A course of Four Lectures delivered at Cambridge during the Lent Term 1912 (1912)

Temple, William

Issues of Faith: A course of lectures (1918)

Temple, William

Christianity in Thought and Practise (1936)

Temple, William

The Church looks Forward (1944)

Temple, William

Thoughts on Some Problems of the Day: A Charge delivered at his Primary Visitation (Sep 1931)

Temple, William

Mens Creatrix (1917)

Temple, William

Christus Veritas (1925)

Temple, William

The New Dispensation: The New Testament translated from the Greek (1897, 1897)

Robert D. Weekes

Postal communications (2001)

John M. Barnes

A brief history of the river Vechte and the linksemsische kanale: the ships that worked this area and the trade on this waterway (2011)

Hans-Christian Rieck

Mazeppa: the story of a schooner (2011)

Tony Voss

The Young Farmer (1937)

A Chindit's Chronicle (1995)

Towill, Bill

Margaret's Sacrifice (2008)

Codex juris eccleiastici Anglicani : or, the statutes, constitutions, canons, rubricks and articles of the Church of England... [vol. 1] (1761)

Edmund Gibson

Codex juris eccleiastici Anglicani : or, the statutes, constitutions, canons, rubricks and articles of the Church of England... volume the second [vol. 2] (1761)

Edmund Gibson

Charting the world: The RN hydrographic service in the 19th Century (2008)

Roger Morris (Rear-Admiral)

A bandsman and barbed wire: experiences and recollections May 1941-May 1945 (2008)

K. R. MacDonald (Military bandsman)

Passage to Colombo (2008)

Peter Marden

Coals to Callao: the rise and fall of the Pacific coal trade 1876-1896 (2008)

Michael Clark

Glossarium ad scriptores. mediae & infimae graecitatis, duos in tomos digestum [vol 1&2]... (1688)

Carolo Du Fresne

The heraldic vade-mecum

J.B.O. Richards

heraldry ancestry and titles: questions and answers (1965)

L. G. Pine

The story of heraldry (1952)

L. G. Pine

historic heraldic families (1975)

Keith B. Poole (Ghost historian)

Heralds' college and coat-of-arms regarded from a legal aspect (1904)

W. P. W. Phillimore (Genealogist and publisher)

William Jenkins: seaman, master mariner, captain and harbourmaster. Port Talbot 1807-1867 (2008)

Colin Regan

Harry Wooderson's Journal: the personal log of a Victorian coasting sailor (2009)

David Wilson

The Peninsular War (1973)

Roger Parkinson

the Sir Nicholas Bacon collection: an exhibition at the Joseph Regenstein library of the University of Chicago April-June, 1972 (1972)

Smith, Richard M.

British borough charters 1307-1660 (1943)

Martin Weinbaum

British borough charters 1216-1307 (1923)

Adolphus Ballard

British borough charters 1042-1216 (1913)

Adolphus Ballard

borough customs, volume 2 (1906)

Bateson, Mary [The Selden Society]

borough customs, volume 1 (1904)

Bateson, Mary [The Selden Society]