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Medieval occupation and late medieval tawing at Fairfield Gardens, Glastonbury

Cai Mason

Biconical jugs: an exmaple of regional Romano-British pewter production within Mendip

Richard Lee

Anglo-Saxon or Norman?: the church of St. John the Evangelist, Milborne Port

Ronald Lvovski

Wiychrcaft and evidence in a Somerset parish in the seventeenth century

Andrew Pickering

The medieval building sequence and dating of Clevedon Court, North Somerset

David R. Fogden

Tree-ring dates from Tree-Ring Services list 290, 25: Dunster, 22 West Street

Andy Moir (Dendrochronologist)

Restoring Iron Age Somerset to its prehistoric context

Peter Ellis

Directional place-names in Somerset Domesday and King Alfred's 'new' north

Barry Lane

Tree-ring dates from the Oxford Dendrochronology Laboratory list 294, 27: South Stoke, Old School Hill, Packhorse Inn

Martin Bridge

Wellington monument - a tour through some aspects of its history: archival research for the National Trust

Wendy Lutley

Finds reported to the Portable Antiquities Scheme in 2016

Laura Burnett

Tree-ring dates from the Nottingham Tree-Ring Dating Lanoratory, list 300, 5: Hinton Charterhouse, 3 High Street

Alison J. Arnold,

Romano-British and Medieval settlement in the vicinity of Brent Knoll Hillfort, Somerset

John Powell (Archaeologist)

British tree-ring dates by Mick Worthington, list 302, 5: Clevedon Court

M. J. Worthington,

Distribution of the Adder (vipera berus) in the Brue Valley, Somerset: results of a survey undertaken in 2015

Andre Blacker

Early Bronze Age pits at the Hatcheries, Bathpool, Monkton Heathfield

Simon Hughes

Somerset lichens and lichenicolous fungi: an overview and annotated checklist

P. A. Wolseley

Somerset archaeology 2016

C. J. Webster

The historic use of building stones in Taunton Deane

G. J. Dawson

Coping with change: the sixteenth century vicars choral of Wells

Tony Scrase

Civil war comes to Wedmore 1643-1644

Hazel Hudson

Broad Lane Farm, North Curry: the development of a sixteenth-century farmhouse

Richard Parker (Building historian)

Rood stairs of the Diocese of Bath and Wells

Joshua John Schwieso

Robert Patten (1948-2018) (2019)

Sarah J. Davies

Early neolithic pits at Cadbury Castle and an adjoining temporary occupation site at Milsoms Corner, South Cadbury

Richard Tabor

God-dollies and the Somerset Levels: facts, fancies and fictions

J. M. Coles

The church estate of Compton Dando

J. H. Bettey

Late prehistoric and Romano-British activity as Somerton Door, Somerton, Somerset

Simon Hughes

Building recording in 2016

Finds reported to the Portable Antiquities Scheme in 2017

Laura Burnett

A Roman lead tank from Trudoxhill

Laura Burnett

Further additions to the dandelion (taraxacum) flora of Somerset

Simon J. Leach

Lesser known cruck joints in Somerset

John F. Rickard

Tynings barrow group: third report (1950)

Herbert Taylor

Tree-ring dates from Tree-Ring Services, list 298, 15: Dunster, 7 Church Street, 16: Dunster 12-14 High Street

Andy Moir (Dendrochronologist),

Additions to the Dandelion (taraxacum) flora of Somerset

Simon J. Leach

Mercantile debt patterns in Somerset during the fifteenth century

Philip J. Ashford

Review's Editor's round-up: [incorporating an article on Chewton Mendip carriage making]

Sarah Rose

The Medieval church dedications of Somerset

Nicholas Orme

Who wrote 'a fool's bolt...'?: a tale of two Somerset rectors

Richards, John

The changing boundaries of Somerset

J. W. Hart

Somerset archaeology 2017

C. J. Webster

A Jacobean antiquary reassessed: Thomas Lyte, the Lyte genealogy and the Lyte jewel

Arnold Hunt

Tree-ring dates from Tree-Ring Services list 290, 23: Bristol, Brislington, 8 Hollywood Road, Old Engine House

Andy Moir (Dendrochronologist)

Tree-ring dates from Tree-Ring Services list 290, 24: Dowlish Wake, Mount Cottage

Andy Moir (Dendrochronologist)

Tree-ring dates from Tree-Ring Services list 290, 26: Dunster, The Old Priory

Andy Moir (Dendrochronologist)

Iron age and Romano-British settlement at Lower Easton Farm, Pylle, Somerset

Lee Newton

The rediscovery of the Knight family archive and its importance to Exmoor

Robert Wilson-North

Middle bronze age settlement and a Romano-British villa at Queen Camel, Somerset

Lee Newton

A Roman settlement in the Mendip Hills: summary report of archaeological investigations at Fulwell Lane, Faulkland, Hemington, 2016

Jonathan Hart