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St. Sabinus' Church, Woolacombe (2013)

Jean Dodds

Retail trading 1850-1939 (1999)

Andrew Alexander

The growth of tourism in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries (1999)

Shaw, Gareth

Early tourist destinations the influence of artists' changing landscape preferences (1999)

Peter Howard

Town and country planning in the twentieth century (1999)

Gilg, Andrew

Morphological development of towns since the middle ages (1999)

Brayshay, Mark

Towns and processes of urbanization in the early modern period (1999)

Jonathan Barry

Medieval town plans (1999)

Slater, T. R.

Medieval urban development (1999)

Fox, Harold

Sea-borne trade, fishing and marine recreation since 1800 (1999)

Starkey, David J.

Maritime Devon 1660-1815 (1999)

Stephen Fisher

Fisheries, exploration, shipping and mariners in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries (1999)

Todd Gray

Railways and roads in the twentieth century (1999)

Newitt, Malyn

Canals and railways in the nineteenth century (1999)

Oliver, Richard

Turnpike roads (1999)

John Kanefsky

Employment in the twentieth century (1999)

Gilg, Andrew

Metal-mining since the eighteenth century (1999)

Burt, Roger

Thewoollen, lime, tanning and leather-working, and paper-making industries c. 1500-c.1800 (1999)

Havinden, Michael

The tin industry in sixteenth and seventeenth century Cornwall (1999)

Gerrard, Sandy

Medieval rural industry (1999)

Fox, Harold

Agriculture, forestry and landscape conservation in the twentieth century (1999)

Gilg, Andrew

Farming in the nineteenth century (1999)

Agriculture and rural settlement 1500-1800 (1999)

Havinden, Michael

Medieval farming and rural settlement (1999)

Fox, Harold

Agriculture and rural settlement in 1086 evidence of the Domesday Book (1999)

F. R. Thorn

The retreat of the Cornish language (1999)

Payton, Philip

Education in Devon in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries (1999)

Sellman, Roger

Education in Cornwall in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries (1999)

Burge, L.

Printing, and the book trade and newspapers c. 1500-1860 (1999)

Maxted, Ian

Religion and ecclesiastical practices in the twentieth century (1999)

Davie, Grace

Religious worship in 1851 (1999)

Bruce Coleman

Religion and the spread of non-conformity before 1800 (1999)

Jonathan Barry

The church from c. 1300 to the reformation (1999)

Orme, Nicholas

Ecclesiastical institutions in 1068 and monastic houses c 1300 (1999)

Holdsworth, Christopher

Parliamentary boundaries and political affiliations 1918-1997 (1999)

Rush, Michael

Local government areas and local authorities 1801-1999 (1999)

Jeffrey Stanyer

Defence and disruption - the first and second world wars (1999)

Blacksell, Mark

Costal defences and garissons 1480-1914 (1999)

Duffy, Michael

Civil wars of the seventeenth century (1999)

Gaunt, Peter

Representation and rebellion in the later middle ages (1999)

Orme, Nicholas

Castles, fortified houses and fortified towns in the middle ages (1999)

Higham, Robert A.

Population changes in the twentieth century (1999)

Gilg, Andrew

Population change 1811-1911 (1999)

Andrew Alexander

Population distribution and growth in the early modern period (1999)

Jonathan Barry

Population distribution from the Domesday Book of 1086 (1999)

Ravenhill, William

Saxon conquest and settlement (1999)

Hooke, Della

Early christian Dumnonia (1999)

Thomas, A. C.

Place-names (1999)

Padel, O. J.

Classical sources for Roman place-names (1999)

Todd, Malcolm

The Roman army (1999)

Valerie A. Maxfield