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Breve descrizione della citta' di Napoli e del sou contorno (1792)

Breve ..,

Exmoor interlude (2005)

Mary Rose Baker

The practice of piety (c.1650)

Lewis Bayly (Right Reverend)

The Right Honble Sr George Jeffreys Knt & Baronet (1684)

Godfrey Kneller ( Sir)

The flowers of Exeter: the ideas concealed within the decoration (2004)

M. W. Tisdall

Iter Britanniarum: or that part of the itinerary of Antoninus which relates to Britain, with a new commentary (1799)

Thomas Reynolds

Modern improvements in agriculture (1784)

Francis Forbes

Remarks on the influence of climate ... on mankind (1781)

William Falconer

The law of charitable uses, revised and much enlarged; with many cases in law both antient and modern .. (1676)

George Duke

Essays on men and manners (1794)

William Shenstone

Memoirs of the life of the late Charles Lee, Esq (1792)

Edward Langworthy

Bibliotheca legum Angliae, part 1; or, a catalogue of the common and statute law books of this realm ... - New ed (1788)

John Worrall

The history of New Holland from its first discovery in 1616; with a particular account of its produce and inhabitants ... - 2nd ed (1787)

William Auckland

Critical dissertations on the Iliad of Homer (1759)

Roger Kedington

Select collection of original letters ... / [ed. John Duncombe] (1755, )

Romae antiquae notitia; or, the antiquities of Rome. - 7th ed (1721)

Basil Kennett

Memoirs and reflections upon the reign ... King Charles I [& II] (1721)

Richard Bulstrode (Sir)

Delle lettere, raccolte de Henrico Giblet. Undecima impressione (1693)

Giovanni Francesco Loredano

Desiderata curiosa; or, a collection of divers ... pieces .. (1779)

Francis Peck

Fragmenta antiquitatis; or, ancient tenures of land and jocular customes of some manors. - A new edition with alterations .. (1784)

Thomas Blount

A voyage to the Pacific Ocean undertaken by command of His Majesty for making discoveries in the northern hemisphere .. (1785)

James Cook (Captain)

The history of the union between England and Scotland .. (1786)

Defoe, Daniel

Account of all the manors, messuages, lands, tenements, and hereditaments ... held by lease from the Crown .. (1787)

Fables de La Fontaine; imprime par ordre du Roi pour l'education de Monseigneur le Dauphin (1788)

Jean De La Fontaine

Opera omnia quae extant ... author Guillelmo Du Val (1619)


Acts and monuments of matters most special and memorable. - 9 ed (1684)

John Foxe

Acts and monuments of matters most special and memorable happening in the church ... - 9th ed (1684)

John Foxe

The great French dictionary .. (1687)

Guy Miege

Index villaries: or, an exact register, alphabetically digested, of all the cities, market-towns, parishes, ... of each county .. (1690)

John Adams

The great historical, geographical, genealogical and poetical dictionary ... collected from the best historians .. - 2nd ed (1701)

Jeremy Collier

Codex juris eccleiastici Anglicani : or, the statutes, constitutions, canons, rubricks and articles of the Church .. (1713)

Edmund Gibson

A compleat history of the life and raigne of King Charles .. (1658)

William Sanderson (Sir)

The annual anthology of poems .. (1799)

Persecution exposed, in some memoirs relating to the sufferings of John Whiting, and ... Quakers ... in the West ... - 2nd ed (1791)

Persecution ..

Transactions during the reign of Queen Anne .. (1790)

Charles Hamilton

The psalms of David imitated in the language of the New Testament (1789)

Debate [on the Catholic petition from Ireland] (1800?)

Epicteti enchiridium una ... cum notis Wolfii, Casauboni .. (1723)


The authority, jurisdiction and method of keeping county-courts (1722)

William Greenwood

The laws of honour; or, a compendious account of ... titles .. (1714)

Les termes de la ley. - New ed (1708)

John Rastell

La science des medailles pour l'instruction de ceux qui s'appliquent a la connoissance des medailles antiques & modernes (1693)

Louis Jobert

Opera omnia ex recensione Io. Augusti Ernesti (1774)

Cicero, Marcus Tullius

De laudibus legum angliae, writen by Sir John Fortescue .. (1616)

Fortescue, John William (The Honourable Sir)

De anulis signatoriis antiquorum .. (1615)

Georgius Longus

A catalogue of the bishops of England, .. (1615)

Francis Godwin

The way to everlasting happinesse (1659)

Benjamin Spencer

A collection of acts and ordinances of general use .. (1657-)

Henry Scobell

The lives of the noble Grecians and Romans, compared together ... translated out of French into English by Sir Thomas North .. (1631)