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Camden Miscellany (1864)

Armada expenses in Somerset and Dorest

Armada expenses

Frederic William Weaver

The winds of God (1985)

Anne M. Brady

The glorious defeat of the invincible Spanish Armada, by the English fleet, between Dover and Calais, in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, 1588 (c.1780)

Lodge, William

The Spanish invincible armada, attacked between Dover and Calais, and defeated by the English fleet (1750)

Engagement between the British fleet and the Spanish Armada' off the Isle of Wight, 25th. July, 1588 (1797)

J. Pass (Engraver)

The Armada charts (1988)

Walter E. Minchinton

The Spanish armada: Drake and the five hulks (2008)

Richard Whitbourne (Sir)

The Armada campaign 1588: the great enterprise against England (2005, )

Angus Konstam,

The sequel (1929)

Armada Day at Earl's Court : photo by London News Agency (1913)

The Devonshire Regiment and territorials. Pt. 1: The Devon Territorials and the Armada (1911)

Chope, R. Pearse

Bideford and the Armada (1929)

Barnstaple's case (1929)

The First Lord's speech (1913)

Armada Day : the King and Queen at Earl's Court (1913)

[Armada : the circumstances and provision of North Devon ships] (1912)

[Armada ..]

The 400th anniversary of the Spanish Armada (1988)

Topsham, the Exe and the Armada adventure: a chronological survey compiled from state papers (1988)

Ian D. Merry

Armada 400 newsletter (1987-)

Spanish Armada (1920)

L. Cary

The Spanish Armada defeated off Starr Point, near Plymouth (1793)

S. James'. Devonport [Plymouth] J.P. St. Aubyn. Archt (c.1860)

Anonymous (Pseudonym)

Tercentenary Festival of the Defeat of the Armada at Plymouth (1888)

P. Naumann

Plimmouth [Ships of the Spanish Armada] (c.1800)

Anonymous (Pseudonym)

The defeat of the Spanish Armada off the Start Point near Plymouth (c.1780)

J. Collyer

Reading the past by the light of the present: historians, the English nature and the reception of the Spanish Armada ... (2002)

Torsten Reimer

The defeat of the Spanish Armada (2002)

Deborah Fox

The Armada ([1970?)

Armada (2000)

Patrick Williams

Know about the Armada (1964)

Henry Garnett

The Spanish Armadas (1972)

Graham, Winston

Tapestry hangings of the House of Lords .. (1739)

Philip Morant

The Spanish Armada (1999)

Colin Martin

Armada: the novel (1987)

Charles Gidley

The Story of the Spanish Armada: with seventeen illustrations (1893)

The Armada (1965)

G. R. Kesteven

The Golden Hind, a story of the invincible armada ; Thessale, and other poems (1880)

Charles Robinson

The Spanish Armada, a descriptive historical poem, in commemoration of the poening of the New Guildhall, Plymouth...August 13th... (1874)

The Plymouth Hoe: an Armada tercentenary ballad (1888)

Eliza Postle

The Elizabethan navy and the Armada of Spain (1975)

The Armada (1982)

Bryce Walker

The preparations in Somerset against the Spanish Armada 1558-1588 (1995)

Emanuel Green

The Spanish Armada (1887)

The Spanish Armada (1933)

Lorna Rea

The defeat of the Spanish Armada (1983)

Garrett Mattingly

The Spanish Armada (1982)

Chris Jordan

Armada beacons (1988)

R. C. M. Bass

The Armada campaign of 1588 (1944)

Lawrence Stone