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The Icelandic adventures of Pike Ward (2018)

Katherine Findlay

The extraordinary voyage of Pytheas the Greek (2002)

Barry Cunliffe

Journal of a voyage into the Mediterranean by Sir Kenelm Digby AD 1628 (1868)

A memento of the finding of Livingstone... with thoughts on his death

Henry M. Stanley

British exploration 1642-1680

The source of the Nile

Edwin Hodder

The voyages of John and Sebastian Cabot (1937)

James Alexander Williamson

The sad story of Burton, Speke, and the Nile; or, was John Hanning Speke a cad?: Looking at the evidence (2006)

W. B. Carnochan

A pirate of exquisite mind: the life of William Dampier (2004)

Diana Preston

Heat: extreme adventures at the highest temperatures on earth (2015)

Fiennes, Ranulph (Sir)

Bound for Australia: a guide to the records of transported convicts and early settlers (2012)

David T. Hawkings

An island of one's own?: the story of Browse Island (2010)

Mark Browse

Born adventurer: the life of Frank Bickerton, Antarctic pioneer (2005)

Stephen Haddelsey

The tangled web: a life of Sir Richard Burton (2008)

Jon R. Godsall

Norumbega navigators: early English voyages to New England and the story of the Popham colony (2007)

Margaret Jerram Wilson

Mad, bad and dangerous to know (2007)

Fiennes, Ranulph (Sir)

[Samuel White Baker] (c.1880)

[Robert Falcon Scott] (c.1911)

Robert ..

[Robert Falcon Scott] ([1910?])

J. Thomson (Photographer)

Journals: Captain Scott's last expedition (2005)

Scott, Robert Falcon

North-east to Muscovy: Steven Borough and the first Tudor explorers (2005)

Kit Mayers

Mr.M.Park (1799)

Sir James Barrie on Captain Scott (1923)

J. M. Barrie (1st Baronet Barrie of Adelphi Terrace)

Harriot's description of potato and tobacco (1928)

An Australian explorer (1928)

The last of the classical tourists (1917)

A note on his life story (1914)

Markham, Clements R. (Sir)

A statue of Captain Scott (1916)

Captain Scott's last message Scott's last diary entry (1914)

Scott, Robert Falcon (Captain)

The late Captain Robert Falcon Scott : Vice-President of the London Devonian Association (1914)

The sea kings of Devon : Grenvile, Ralegh, Gilbert,Drake, Hawkins (1912)

Farewell dinner to Captain Scott (1911)

Captain Scott's Antartic expedition (1911)

[Robert Falcon Scott] ([1910?])

The younger Sir John Gilbert (c.1578-1608) (1968)

John Roberts

One of Devon's illustrious sons - Sir Humphrey Gilbert (1966)

Ann Russell

James Silk Buckingham: sailor, explorer and maritime reformer (1987)

David M. Williams

Captain John Hanning Speke (1924)

Hugh Robert Watkin

Wills, the Australian explorer (1893)

T. W. Windeatt

Raleghana: part 2 (1898)

T. N. Brushfield

John Davis, the navigator, and Fulford (1912)

A. J. P. Skinner

One of Devon's illustrious sons - Captain Scott (1967)

Ann Russell

Sir John Gilbert (1959)

John Roberts

Captain Scott (2004)

Fiennes, Ranulph (Sir)

Beyond the limits: the lessons learned from a lifetime's adventures (2000)

Fiennes, Ranulph (Sir)

New light on the Pilgrim story ([1920])

Thomas W. Mason (Pilgrim historian)

The rescue of Captain Scott (1999)

Don Aldridge

The Great white south or, with Scott in the Antarctic ... (1999)

Herbert G. Ponting

The voyage of the Discovery (1905)

Scott, Robert Falcon

My Amazon adventure (1953)

Sebastian Snow