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The use of history (1945)

A.L Rowse

Michael Young: social entrepreneur (2001)

Asa Briggs

Researcher & client, 1850

The diary & memoirs of John Allen Giles (2000)

J. A. Giles

Sir George Otto Trevelyan: a memoir (1932)

G. M. Trevelyan

Papers of British antiquaries and historians (2003)

The Leicestershire country parson in the sixteenth century (1940)

Hoskins, W. G.

Seven deserted village sites in Leicestershire (1956)

Hoskins, W. G.

The population of an English village 1066-1801: a study of Wigston Magna (1957)

Hoskins, W. G.

Pamphlets (1875)

Paul Q.  Karkeek

Pamphlets (1888)

Jones, Winslow

Legg over Dorset (2011)

Legg, Rodney

Professor Harold Fox (d. 2007): Devon and Leicester - landscape and locality (2008)

Andrew J. H. Jackson

Memories migrating: an autobiography ([2009])

Burrow, John

A.L.Rowse and Cornwall: a paradoxical patriot (2007)

Payton, Philip

A Cornish bastion: the work of Michael trinick (2006)

Merlin Waterson

Edward Rowe Mores, M.A. & F.A.S. (c.1760)

J. Mynde

Martin Folkes Esqr. ([1742])

J. Faber

[W.J.Harte] (1931)

S. A. Chandler

Archibald Bower (c.1790)

T. Holloway

[Thomas Carlyle] ([1865?])

[Thomas Carlyle] ([1865?])

Sir Twysden, Kt. and Bt. The property of the Rev.Lambert B.Larking. No. 777 ([1880?])

Archibald Bower Esqr. (c.1750)

James McArdell

David Hume Esq. (c.1800)

William Walker

Hume (c.1850)

Edwards, W. Joseph

David Hume Esq. (1825)

David Hume Esq.: from an original drawing (1794)

A. Smith

Professor Harold Fox (1945-2007): an appreciation (2008)

Herring, Peter

Sr. Henry Spelman ([1765?])

[Janes Anthony Froude] ([1860?])

John Watkins

[Janes Anthony Froude] ([1867?])

[Henry Hart Milman] ([1865?])

William Edward Kilburn

[Thomas Babington Macaulay] ([1856])

[Archibald Alison] ([1865?])

[John Robert Seeley] ([1866])

Philip  Crellin (Junior)

[John Robert Seeley] ([1865?])

William Robertson, D.D. (1826)

Nicholas Tindal (c.1733)

George Veryue

J.Anthony Froude: the last undiscovered great Victorian : a biography (2005)

Julia Markus

Stephen Weston, M.A. From a picture painted at Rome, 1775 (1794)

G.Grote: from a drawing by S.P.Denning ([1830?])

Henry Robinson

Francis Grose Esqr. F.A.S. (1797)

William Ridley

Jacob Bryant Esqr.. From a drawing by the Revd.J.Bearblock, at Eton College, 1801 (1808)

A.L.Rowse and Cornwall: a paradoxical patriot (2005)

Payton, Philip

George Oliver, D.D. 1781-1861 (1961)

Hoskins, W. G.

The English, Scotch and Irish historical libraries giving a short view and character of most of our historians ... - 3rd ed (1736)

William Nicolson

Obituary : Lady Radford (1938)

A great Devonian (1936)

Obituary : Sir Henry Churchill Maxwell-Lyte (1941)