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Ten parishes and other poems (2012)

John Jarrett

In Xanadu...: a companion to Samuel Taylor Coleridge's 'Kubla Khan' (2016)

Justin Shepherd

Wellington Poetry Club 1982-1987 (2016)

John Jarrett

Alliterative poem on the deposition of King Richard II (1838)

Mapping (2018)

Mark Totterdell

The historical collections of a citizen of London in the fifteenth century (1876)

Collectiva: short stories and poetry (2017)

The Thornton romances: the early English metrical romances of Perceval, Isumbras, Eglamour and Degrevant (1844)

Manipulus vocabularum: a dictionary of English and Latin words, arranged in the alphabetical order of the last syllables (1867)

Peter Levins

Facet: the arts magazine of the West (1949)

The making of poetry: Coleridge, the Wordsworths and their year of marvels (2019)

Adam Nicolson

Facet: the arts magazine of the West (1949)

Passing Arcadia Close (2017)

Joan McGavin

'Minor' verse (1992)

Three early English metrical romances with an introduction and glossary (1842)

Facet: the arts magazine of the West (1949)

John Dust (2019)

Louise Warren

Moorland ghosts (1988)

William A. Morris (Poet)

A Somerset village and other poems (1938)

Thomas Pittaway (Reverend)

Facet: the arts magazine of the West (1949)

A Somerset voice: the poetry of Berta Lawrence (2016)

Christopher Lawrence (Doctor)

Buscombe, or, a Michaelmas goose: R. D. Blackmore relives in humorous verse his youthful experience of love in Devon (2020)

R. D. Blackmore

Facet: the arts magazine of the West (1948)

Camden Miscellany (1859)

Facet: the arts magazine of the West (1947)

Devon remembers: a collection of stories and poems written 100 years on from the First World War (2017)

West Country wanderings in poetry (2018)

Doreen Beer

A Somerset voice: the collected poetry of Berta Lawrence (2016)

Christopher Lawrence (Doctor)

From a collier in Zummerzet to his friends

Glastonbury Abbey

Michael O'Higgins

The ballad of Richard of Taunton Dene

Rabin Hill's visit to the railway, what he zeed and done and what he zed about it, in the Dorset dialect

Robert Young

Rabin Hill's excursion to Weston-super-Mare to see the opening of the new pier, 5th June 1867, in the Dorset dialect, founded on facts

Robert Young

Hope Bourne poetry competition

Christine Webb

Hills of memory

Arthur Waugh

The snow dumpling: a legend of Ham Hill

Richard Hensleigh Walter

The place poetry of Somerset

Florence Tylee

Vallis Vale, and other poems

Elizabeth Tuck

Exmoor lyrics and other verses

Rose E. Sharland

Samuel Bowden of Frome, Somersetshire

Charles Rosenberg

Coleridge and Chilcompton

Peggy Reid

Bridgwater election

Aglen A. Dowty

Experiencing Exmoor

James Priory

English hymnwriters: Jemima Luke (1813-1906)

Lynn Parr

Obituary: C H Sisson

Oxley, William

Thomas Shoel, 1759-1823, Somerset poet

John H. P. Pafford

Robert Southey, the poet, at Bath and Corston

J. F. Meehan