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Captain Howard, master of hounds, moves on to the moor with the Spooner Fox Hounds after a meet at the Fox and Hounds, Bridestowe ([1960?])

The West Somerset Hunt

Famous hunts and their countries: the Dulverton

The Creech St Michael Harriers, and the West Somerset Fox-Hounds


Heavenly Seavington flies sky high

Barney White-Spunner

West Country centenary: the Dulverton

J. N. P. Watson

Swift hounds of Somerset: Taunton Vale Foxhounds

J. N. P. Watson

Paragon hounds of Somerset: the Taunton Vale Harriers

J. N. P. Watson

In Wingfield Digby tradition: the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale

J. N. P. Watson

Harriers into foxhounds; the Cotley

J. N. P. Watson

Following the stars of the West: the Exmoor Hunt

J. N. P. Watson

They make music in the Mendips

Rupert Uloth

Spring hunting with the Exmoor

James Lewis

Hunting with pace in the Mendips

James Lewis

A "rare sporting lot": Mendip Farmers' Hunt

Elizabeth Johnson

Stars of the West

David Edelsten

Small but sporting: the Seavington Hunt

David Edelsten

Captain of the moor

David Edelsten

100 years of a famous hunt: the Blackmore Vale

Lionel Dawson

Legacy of a legend lives on

Adrian Dangar

The Taunton Vale Hunt

Aniseed (Pseudonym)

The season of the Hedge Gypsy (2003)

Patricia Young

Tavistock Hunt ([1980?])

Dartmoor hunt ([1960?])

E. S. Moysey

Dartmoor Foxhounts ([1960?])

Devonshire ([1880?)

J. Walker, C. Walker

Foxtrot at the gallop (1966)

J. Kittymaster

One that got away (1965)

M. H-

[ Foxhunting at Cockington] (c.1900)

Anonymous (Pseudonym)

Dartmoor days with the forest hunt (1916)

J. H. W. Knight-Bruce

Letters on the past and present foxhounds of Devonshire (1861)

C. A. Harris

Foxhunting in Dorset ([1965])

Ralph Greaves

Foxhunting in Devon and Cornwall ([1965])

Ralph Greaves

Foxhunting in Devonshire: short histories of the Tiverton, Silverton, East-Devon and Mid-Devon hunts ([1953])

Ralph Greaves

The dispute in the South Devon Hunt country 1936-37 (1937)

Quotations & notes on the unwritten laws of foxhunting ([1937])

Runs and sporting notes from Dorsetshire (1899)

Henry Symonds

The Blackmore Vale hunt (1936)

William Fawcett

The South Devon Hunt ([1986?])

Jack O'Hara

A short history of the Dartmoor Hunt ([1952])

Ralph Greaves

A short history of the Blackmore Vale Hunt ([1952?)

Ralph Greaves

The Cattistock Hunt ([1953?)

Ralph Greaves

The South Devon Hunt (1923)

William Scarth-Dixon

The East Devon Hunt (1929)

William Scarth-Dixon

The Dulverton, Exmoor and Tiverton Hunts (1938)

William Fawcett

The Tiverton Hunt (1927)

William Scarth-Dixon

Account for attitudes to foxhunting in the period c.1700-1914 (1996)

Phillippa Woods

From terrier boy to field master ([1941?)

Philip Back

The Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt: a history (1983)

Clare Griffith-Jones