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The Lady of the lake

Tony Staveacre

The Face behind the force

Sarah Ford

Miss Kemble (1784)

John Jones

Mrs.C.Abington (c.1805)

Mrs.Siddons (c.1805)

Mrs.Siddons in the character of the tragic mise (1783)

Thomas Cook

Mrs. Ward as Rodogune: ye gods! Ait be himself (1794)


Mrs. Mountain (1797)

Sarah Bernhardt ([1880?])

W. Downey

Mrs. Inchbald ([1787])

Anthony Walker

Miss Louisa Brunton (1806)

Samuel John Stump

Miss Violet Vanbrugh's golden jubilee as actress (1937)

When the Kembles came to Devon (1969)

Malcolm Hazell

Jersey Lily: life and times of Lillie Langtry (1993)

Sonia Hillsdon

Mrs. Oldfield (c.1810)

Deon Meyer