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A lasting impression: a history of Wheatons in Exeter (2017)

Anthony J Wheaton

Bath printers of the eighteenth century

Elsie Alice Russ

Butler and Tanner

Jack Rayfield

And so to press ...

Landmarks in the history of a Bristol firm, 1824-1904 (1918)

The newspaper press directory and advertiser's guide: containing particulars of every newspaper, magazine, review and periodical published in the United Kingdom and the British Isles (1923)

The newsletter: journal of the house of Butler and Tanner Ltd (Sep 1950-Apr 1978)

Smellie ([1790?])

W. H. Lizars

John Nichols, Esq. F.S.A. (1814)

Anthony Cardon

Andrew Brice of Exeter, printer : author of the topographical Dictionary etc., aetat 83 ([1774?])

John Nichols, printer, F.S.A. Lond. Edin. & Perth. Born Feb. 2, 1744-5; living 1812 (1812)

James Basire

Andrew Brice of Exeter, printer : author of the topographical Dictionary etc., aetat 83 (1774)

Revd. Wm. Davy, A.B. anno aetatis 82. 1825 ([1825?])

R. Cooper

Andrew Brice, printer: reproduced by kind permission from a print in the possession of Dr.Brushfield (c.1775)

Andrew Brice of Exeter, printer : author of the Topographical Dictionary etc., aetet 83 (1774)

Glimpses into the 19th century broadside ballad trade. No. 13: Besley of Exeter (2005)

Roland Brown

Report of the trial of the Queen of England in the House of Lords, brgun August 17, 1820. On the question of passing a bill of pains and penalties, and divorcing and degrading her Majesty from her ... ([1820])

Obituary : Mr. Francis A. Perry, of Bolham, Tiverton (1944)

The Hon. Year-Book manager (1925)

The Exeter printer of 1683: a ghost laid (1990)

Maxted, Ian

The Exeter printer of 1688 (1990)

Michael Treadwell

Hatherleigh printed (1924)

R. B. M-

Andrew Brice, the Exeter printer (1924)

R. B. M-

Cornish printing (1920)

R. B. M-

Early Exeter printers: an amendment (1991)

M. G. Dickinson

[ Express & Echo executives at closure of Goss Headliner Press, Sidwell Street, Exeter, before transfer to Sowton - with descr.] (1992)

Anonymous (Pseudonym)

Mr. Andrew Brice; printer, of Exeter ([1775?])

Andrew Brice, printer of Exeter: an agreeable biographical gallimaufry (2002)

Brice, Andrew

The story of William Pollard & Co. Ltd (1999)

Andrew Pollard (Educationalist)

Ten Penwith printmakers (1998)

An Account of the Farley family: newspaper printers and publishers in the west of England c1698-1775 (1998)

Maxted, Ian

Landmarks in the history of a Bristol firm, 1824-1904 (1918)

Heber Mardon

Society of freelance editors and proofreaders directory 1995 (1995)

The house that Thomas built: the story of De La Rue (1968)

Lorna Houseman

Samuel Thorne, printer (1875)

S. L. Thorne

Working-man's way in the world: being the autobiography of a journeyman printer ([1854])

C. M. Smith

70 years of life in Paignton (1977)

John Sutton

A world of mischiefe: the King's printer in York in 1642 and in Shrewsbury ... (1981)

William K. Sessions

The King's printer at Newcastle upon Tyne in 1639, at Bristol ... at Exeter in 1645-46 ... (1982)

William K. Sessions

Read, compare, determine. Outline of Mr. Fox's speech, in the House of Commons, July 9, 1782. Outline of Ld Shelburne's speech ([1782])

Original hymns and poems (1861)

Philotheorus (Pseudonym of Admiral Kempenfelt)