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A Family business: the story of a pottery (1982)

Peter Brannam

Dartington: 60 years of pottery 1933-1993 (1993)

Blue and white transfer-printed pottery (2010)

Robert Copeland

True porcelain pioneers: the Cookworthy chimera 1670-1782 (2016)

Brian Adams

Honiton pottery (2013)

Paul Redvers

The Cardew teapot collection ([1998?])

Honiton Pottery. 15.4.1991 (1991)

Bovey Pottery. 22.6.1960 (1960)

Bovey Pottery. 22.6.1960 (1960)

Poole twintone and tableware: a history and collectorsÂ’ guide (2010)

Anne Wilkinson

20th century Honiton pottery (2010)

Litchdon Street remembered: an oral history of Brannam's Pottery based on interviews with past staff and directors (2007)

All about Poole pottery: collectors journal. Vol. 1 no. 1 (2007)

The history of the Torquay potteries (1998)

Virginia Brisco

Bovey Tracey's industrial pottery (1998)

Hesketh, Robert

The Fishleys of Fremington: a Devon slipware tradition (2008)

John Edgeler

George Fishley's dynasty of North Devon potters: The tulip and the butterfly, Fishley potters and pots 1770 to 1865 (2008)

Vivian Jones

Bovey Tracey Potteries: guide and marks (2005)

Brian Adams

North Devon pottery (2005)

Alison Grant

The artisans of the Torquay potteries: an exhibition at the Torquay Museum (2004)

Andy Violet

Pottery kilns, Bovey Tracey (c.1950)

F. S. Blight

Pottery at Bovey (c.1950)

F. S. Blight

Plymouth china (1912)

G. H. Radford

Dartmouth and the South Devon potteries (2002)

Matt White

The story of William Cookworthy (1972)

Hubert Cornish Fox

Candy art pottery: a history of art pottery manufactured at the Candy & Co. factory, Newton Abbot [sic], Devon (2001)

Ian Turner

William Cookworthy 1705 - 1780: a commemorative exhibition of his Plymouth and Bristol porcelain (1955)

Collecting Poole pottery (2000)

Robert Prescott-Walker

Brannam Pottery over the centuries 1879-2000 ([1999])

Fishley-Holland Pottery, Clevedon, Somerset ([1999])

Jane S. Lilly

Royal Barum Ware: C.H.Brannam Ltd ([198-])

Royal Barum Ware: C.H.Brannam Ltd ([198-])

In spite of Henry (1958)

Cecile Joynson

Lauder & Smith: manufacturers, & art potters, Barnstaple ([1890?)

The Royal Barum Pottery, Litchdon St. Barnstaple: to what extent did the buildings & products depend upon each other (1981)

Jean H. Pedder

Poole Pottery: Carter & Co. and their successors, 1873-1998 (1998)

Leslie Hayward

Devon Tors: a family pottery (1998)

Virginia Brisco

Relics of William Cookworthy, discoverer of the Cornish china- clay and stone ... founder of the British porcelain manuf ... (1853)

John Prideaux (West Country geologist)

Devon potteries ([1982])

C.H Rock

British art pottery 1870-1940 (1976)

A. W. Coysh

Bristol potters and potteries, 1600-1800: a documentary study (1982)

Reginald Graham Jackson

Donyatt Pottery: 11th century - 1939 (1996)

Richard Coleman-Smith

The art of the Torquay and South Devon potters (1996)

Keith Poole (Pottery writer)

The art potteries of Torquay and South Devon (1996)

The Verwood and district potteries: a Dorset industry (1979)

David Algar

A potwork in Devonshire: the history and products of the Bovey Tracey potteries 1750-1836 (1996)

Brian Adams

Techniques of the Truro pottery ([1972?)

Peter C. D. Brears

Poole Pottery: Carter & Co. and their successors, 1873-1995 (1995)

Leslie Hayward

The Poole potteries (1980)

Jennifer Hawkins

Springfield Pottery Hartland ([1993])

Philip Leach,