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Medieval pottery in the Yorkshire Museum (1992)

Sarah Jennings

The Roman pottery industry of the Oxford region (1977)

Christopher J. Young

Modern home: an intervention by Edmund de Waal at High Cross House (1999)

English brown stoneware 1670-1900 (1982)

Adrian Oswald

Creamware (1978)

Donald C. Towner

Pottery produced and traded in North-West Europe 1350-1650 (1986)

John Hurst

Dartington: 60 years of pottery 1933-1993 (1993)

The Verwood & District Potteries: a Dorset industry (1987)

David Algar

The archaeology of Avon: a review from the neolithic to the middle ages (1987)

A glossary of medieval pottery decoration (1976)

R. H. Healey

English cream-coloured earthenware (1957)

Donald C. Towner

Bristol fine ware 1670-1970: ceramics in Bristol, City of Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, 21 Seotember 1979 to 31 January 19890 (1979)

A dated type-series of London medieval pottery (1988)

Jacqueline Pearce

English Delftware / Engels Deflts aardewerk: [catalogue of an exhibition held March 23-July 8] (c.1965)

Michael Archer

Roman pottery in Britain (1999)

Paul Tyers

Roman samian ware (terra sigilatta) (1970)

B. R. Hartley

White Castle and the dating of medieval pottery (1963)

J. G. Hurst

Mercantile debt patterns in Somerset during the fifteenth century

Philip J. Ashford

Blue and white transfer-printed pottery (2010)

Robert Copeland

Prehistoric pottery in Britain and Ireland (2002)

Alex Gibson

Post-Medieval pottery in London 1500-1700 (1992)

Jacqueline Pearce

Medieval ceramics: bulletin of the Medieval Pottery Research Group (1980)

Samian ware (1988)

Guy De La Bédoyère

Prehistoric Britain: the ceramic basis (2002)

Ann Woodward

Potters of Saintonge: eight centuries of rural craftsmanship (1975)

A dated type-series of London Medieval pottery (1985)

Jacqueline Pearce

Ceramiques Normandes du Musee de Coutances / Normandy pottery at Coutances Museum (1987)

Browne muggs: English brown stoneware (1985)

Robin Hildyard

Everyday and exotic pottery from Europe c.650-1900: studies in honour of John G. Hurst (1992)

Roman pottery studies in Britain and beyond: papers presented to John Gillam, July 1977 (1977)

Roman pottery (1955)

R. J. Charleston

Handbook of pottery and porcelain marks (1996)

J. P. Cushion

Medieval ceramics: journal of the Medieval Pottery Research Group (2000)

Donyatt pottery: 12th century - 1939 (2002)

Richard Coleman-Smith

Roman samian pottery in Britain (1995)

Peter Webster

Roman potters' kiln

Harry Mengden Scarth

"Artificial" stone and its many connections with the West Country

D. Warren

The Ham Hill bowl

Richard Hensleigh Walter

Wincanton pottery

George Sweetman

Michael Gaitskell, potter

Naomi Ruthven

Fuddling cups and puzzle jugs, with some notes on Wincanton delft

A. E. Reveirs-Hopkins

Clevedon pottery

Derek Redfearn

Fire over Muchelney

Jack Rayfield

John Leach: artists in Somerset

Lionel Phillips

Number 26, High Street, Axbridge: pottery report

Terry Pearson

Medieval and post-medieval ceramics in Taunton

Terry Pearson

Late Saxon and early medieval pottery from Barrow(?)

Terry Pearson

The pottery at the Wraxall villa

Philip Arthur Rahtz

A brief story of the Donyatt pottery

Geoffrey Palin

Post-medieval pottery from Bath

M. B. Owen