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Somerset archaeology and natural history: proceedings of the Somerset Archaeological & Natural History Society (2021)

Tithe barns (2021)

Joseph Rogers

St. Martin's Island: an introductory history of forty-two Exeter buildings (2017)

Todd Gray

Thatch in Devon (2003)

Conservation engineering: a collection of casework (2019)

P. J. Stow

A tenement 'in front of the cross' (2012)

Colin J. Brett

The houses of the labourer in Somersetshire (1872)

Tithe barns (2021)

Joseph Rogers

Broad Lane Farm, North Curry: the development of a sixteenth-century farmhouse

Richard Parker (Building historian)

Building on Exoor or its approaches in West Somerset (c.1960)

Building recording in 2016

Lesser known cruck joints in Somerset

John F. Rickard

Conservation engineering: a collection of casework (2021)

P. J. Stow

Concept to conclusion: companion to Volume 1 (2020)

P. J. Stow

The Winscombe project, Somerset 2012 (2013)

Mick Aston

Cruck building: a survey. (2019)

Yeovil in 50 buildings (2017)

Bob Osborn

Building recording in 2019 (2020)

English farmhouses (1982)

R. J. Brown

The distribution of Somerset roof-tiles in Brittany: a provisional assessment (1985)

Michael Batt

Building recording in 2017

Wellington House

Rodney O'Dare

Stogursey, High Street, No. 16, Post Office

Stogursey, High Street, No. 18

Stogursey, High Street, No. 23, Stone Cottage

Stogursey, St Andrew's Road, No. 2, Cross Cottages Nos 1 and 2

The restoration and brief history of the Old Nunney House

Building recording in 2004

Bellerica Farm

Architectural reconstruction of timber buildings ...

Crowcombe church house

H. C. Young

Some two unit houses in Somerset

E. H. D. Williams

Regional variations in traditional buildings of Somerset ...

E. H. D. Williams

King John's Hunting Lodge, Axbridge

E. H. D. Williams

Half-hipped roofs in pre-seventeenth century Somerset buildings

E. H. D. Williams

Dating of the smaller Somerset houses from external appearance

E. H. D. Williams

Church houses in Somerset

E. H. D. Williams

Brick buildings in Somerset

E. H. D. Williams

The restoration and brief history of the Old Nunnery House

James White

Beecham's Cottage, Pitney

Lionel F. J. Walrond

Town houses in Taunton, 1500-1700

R. F. Taylor

Winsham, East Whatley Farmhouse

West Monkton, Blundell's Farm

West Pennard, Woodlands Road, Penwood Farm

Thurloxton, Knotcraft Lane, Nos 51 & 52

Stogursey, Stolford, Little Dowdens Farmhouse, Sea Findings, Stolford Farmhouse, Sunshine Cottage

Stogursey, Stolford, Chalcott Farm, D'Arches, The Fisheries

Stogursey, Shurton, Shurton house, The Shurton Inn, Shurton Lodge & the Cottage

Stogursey, Shurton, Grove House, Old Mill house, Shurton Cottages, Shurton Court No. 2

Stogursey, Shurton, Ash Cottage , Little Ash, Fisher's