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SIAS Bulletin (1990)

SIAS Bulletin (1992)

The Limekilns of South Molton and surroundings (1996)

SIAS Bulletin (1993)

SIAS Bulletin (1994)

SIAS Bulletin (2007)

Shotholes containing lime in a Mendip lead mine

William  Stanton

Newland quarry

Newland Cottage

A medieval lime kiln

Martin Dyer

Limekilns on Exmoor

Somerset Archaeology 1988: Limekiln survey

Ed Dennison

Limekilns in Taunton Deane

Limekilns at Milverton

Limekiln in Thurlbear Wood

Evercreech limekilns

Evercreech limekilns

The limekilns of Clevedon

Gwyneth M. Yeates

Limekilns of Clevedon

Gwyneth M. Yeates

Newland Cottage

D. W. Warren

Limekiln near Fitzhead

A. P. Ward

Industrial archaeology

A. P. Ward

Three regional styles of limekiln

Eric J. Taylor

Limekilns on Mendip

Eric J. Taylor

Conservation of the limekiln, Thurlbear Wood, Orchard Portman

The carboniferous limestone of Burrington Combe

T. F. Sibley

Lime burning at Watchet

W. H. Norman

Tengore Lane limekilns

Brian J. Murless

Limekilns at Castle Rocks

Brian J. Murless

John Board, a Sedgemoor man and company

Brian J. Murless

Limekiln at West Quantoxhead

Mary Miles

Unconformable Doulting stone

Simon K. Haslett

Excavations at Hatch Court

Stan Farrer

Limeburning in Priddy

Peter Daniel

Limeburning in Great Elm, near Frome

Peter Daniel

Limeburning in Fivehead and Curry Mallet

Peter Daniel

A limeburning miscellany

Peter Daniel

Limekilns at Warren Bay, Old Cleeve

Peter Daniel

Limekilns at Castle Hill

Peter Daniel

Limekilns and limeburning in Huish Episcopi and Long Sutton

Peter Daniel

A limekiln complex at Down End, Puriton

Peter Daniel

Limeburning in Somerset

Peter Daniel

Limeburning in Corfe

Peter Daniel

Limeburning and geology in Somerset

Peter Daniel

Somerset Archaeology 1977: limekiln survey

Mick Aston

Lime kilns in Stoke Saint Mary

Margaret Anderson

The limekilns of South Molton and surrounding areas (2007)

Cockwood lime kilns. 15.12.1990 (1990)

The lime-kiln on the Maer in the early 19th century ([1810?])

[The gateway, Clovelly] (c.1897)

Joseph Pennell