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Clock tower, Exmouth. 29.9.61 (1961)

The Strand and clock tower, Barnstaple. 20.12.76 (1976)

[Jubilee Clock Tower, Exmouth]. 11.3.1995 (1995)

[Jubilee Clock Tower, Exmouth]. 15.1.1993 (1993)

[Jubilee Clock Tower, Exmouth]. 4.10.1988 (1988)

[Mallock Memorial Clock Tower, Torquay] ([1910?])

[Mallock Memorial Clock Tower, Torquay] ([1902?])

John Stabb

The Clock Tower, Exeter (1904)

The 'Miles' Memorial, Exeter ([1898?])

[Clock Tower, Exeter] (c.1970)

Imperial Hotel, Exmouth: laying the foundation stone of the clock tower, 1897 (1897)

The clock tower, Exmouth E31870 (c.1900)

The clock tower, Exmouth (c.1955)

[Jubilee Clock Tower, Exmouth] (c.1902)

Exeter. Clock Tower, Queen Street. Oct 68 (1968)

Viv Wilson

Strand and clock tower, Torquay (1906)

The Esplanade by the clock tower, Exmouth (c.1955)

The Clock Tower, Exeter (c.1910)

Anonymous (Pseudonym)

[ Clock Tower, Queen Street, Exeter] (c.1920)

Anonymous (Pseudonym)

Albert Memorial tower, Barnstaple (1865)

The new clock tower, Plymouth ([1874?])

William Hake