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Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney: a biography (1978)

B. H. Friedman

Artist Wilf Plowman with his painting of Lympstone. 18.11.96 (1996)

Clare Kendall

Casting the world: the story of J. W. Singer & Sons, Frome (2019)

Sue Bucklow

Nicholas Hilliard: life of an artist (2019)

Elizabeth Goldring

Somerset fonts: new light on Harvey Pridham (2014)

Adrian J. Webb

Tobey (1996)

In celebration of Cecil Collins: visionary artist and educator (2008)

Nomi Rowe

Cecil Collins: the Dartington years 1936-1943 (1997)

Winifred Nicholson (2009)

Christopher Andreae

Inventing Edward Lear (2019)

Sara Lodge (Doctor)

Drawing Somerset's past: an illustrated journey through history, by Time Team artist Victor Ambrus and Steve Minnitt. (2018)

Victor G. Ambrus

Some Somerset artists

Artists in Somerset No. 15: Jenny Graham

Lionel Phillips

A giant mural

Brian Woodham

Gainsborough's residences in Bath

Reginald W. M. Wright

Bygone artists

Reginald W. M. Wright

John Downman, A.R.A: his life and works

George Charles Williamson

Fine art and fund raising

Maggi West

A portfolio of Devonian coral paintings by Spencer G. Perceval

B. D. Webby

Bath and Gainsborough

Ellis Kirkham Waterhouse (Sir)

Note on the pictures in Dunster Castle

Ellis Kirkham Waterhouse (Sir)

Note on the pictures at Newton Surmaville

Ellis Kirkham Waterhouse (Sir)

Note on pictures in the hall of the Vicars Choral

Ellis Kirkham Waterhouse (Sir)

The artist W. W. W.

Harold Stuart Thompson

The figure and the room: take a seat next to Peter Swan as he shares the story of his life as a Somerset artist

A remarkable lady and her work

James Skeggs

Talking to Anne Le Bas

Michael Ryle

Fresh and wild: at home in the landscape

Naomi Ruthven

A love affair with colour: ... Roger Large, artist

Naomi Ruthven

Picking pockets in the portrait way

Francis Russell

Somerset skies in town

Bronwen Riley

Artist with a difference

Malcolm Rigby

Correspondence on Captain Henry Press and the Press family

J. K. Ridler

An artist to be remembered

J. K. Ridler


Jack Rayfield

Art from above

Tracey Ramsbottom

Edward Bearne: a reputation restored

John A. Ramm

Crystal clarity (Somerset gardens)

Rebecca Pow

Stripping the willow

Rebecca Pow

St Peter's church, Hornblotton: Artists in Somerset

Lionel Phillips

Candace Balhouth: artists in Somerset

Lionel Phillips

Artists in Somerset: Number 12

Lionel Phillips

Artists in Somerset: No 13

Lionel Phillips

Artists in Somerset: Brian Rice

Lionel Phillips

Artists in Somerset No. 8

Lionel Phillips

Artists in Somerset

Lionel Phillips

Artists in Somerset

Lionel Phillips

Anthony Piper

Lionel Phillips

Richard Pocock

Lionel Phillips

Artists in Somerset: No. 2

Lionel Phillips