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The footwear industry in the south west of England: 1850 to 1950

Peter R. Mounfield

Henry George Massingham

P. H. Morgan (Biographer)

On the right footing

Sarah Ford

Clarks kicks off the cosy slippers and tries on a Swizzle (2001)

Sophie Barker

Clarks: Made to last: The story of Britain's best-known shoe firm (2013)

Mark Palmer (Journalist)

Making shoes (c1986)

Ruth Thomson

Shoemaking (1986)

June Swann

Well-heeled: the remarkable story of the Public Benefit Boot Company (2004)

Seddon, Brian

A west country bill (1938)

A shoemaker's bill (1932)

Quaker inheritance 1871 - 1961: a portrait of Roger Clark of Street based on his own writings and correspondence (1970)

Percy Lovell

Clarks of Street, 1825 - 1950 ([1950])

C.& J.Clark, 1825-1975 (1975)

Brendan Lehane

A history of shoe making in Street, Somerset: C. and J.Clark, 1833-1903 (1979)

George Barry Sutton

Towards precision shoemaking: C. and J.Clark Limited and the development of the British shoe industry (1968)

Kenneth Hudson