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SIAS Bulletin (1992)

SIAS Bulletin (1993)

They made paper at Tuckenhay Mill: interviews with retired hand papermakers (2016)

Peter Thomas

SIAS Bulletin (2006)

The art of paper

John Lees

Paper mill at Monkton Coombe

Albert Thomas Wicks

Wookey Hole paper mill

Martin Watts

Paper making in Somerset

David M. Tomlin

Paper-mills in Somerset and Dorset

Alfred H. Shorter

Paper-mills in Somerset

Alfred H. Shorter

Paper and board mills in Somerset

Alfred H. Shorter

Jim Patterson

Naomi Ruthven

St. Cuthberts mill

Peter Roberts

Paper-maker Extraordinary

Robert W. Dunning

From the archive

Brian J. Murless

Paper mills at Dulcote, Wells, Somerset

B. G. Luker

The mystery of Dulverton paper mill

B. G. Luker

Fred Cook's story: paper making at St Cuthbert's Mill ...

B. G. Luker

Artefacts from St Cuthbert's Mill

B. G. Luker

British paper mills: Mill 364 - some earlier history

B. G. Luker

Paper making in Somerset, Wookey Hole Mill

B. G. Luker

Paper-making at Two Rivers

David Jessup

The view of Dulcote - a changing scene

James Fussell

Paper making at Watchet

Nigel Edwards

Bias paper mills survey

Brian Attwood


Robin Atthill

Wansborough: a historical and creative celebration of the social and industrial importance of Watchet Paper Mill (2017)

Paper making in the British Isles: an historical and geographical study (1971)

Alfred H. Shorter

Monumenta chartae papyraceae historiam illustrantia: VI [6] paper mills and paper makers in England 1495-1800: collection of works and documents illustrating the history of paper (1957)

Alfred H. Shorter

The historical geography of the paper-making industry in Devon (1950)

Alfred H. Shorter

The Exeter papers: proceedings of the British Association of Paper Historians ... 23-25 September 1994 (2001)

Paper-making in Devon and Cornwall (1938)

Alfred H. Shorter

Water paper mills in England (1966)

Alfred H. Shorter

Studies on the history of papermaking in Britain (1993)

Alfred H. Shorter

Paper in Devon (1976)

Jean Chitty

Papermakers ([1987])

Paper in Devon (1985)

Jean Chitty