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Farming in the first millennium AD: British agriculture between Julius Casear and William the Conqueror (2002)

P. J. Fowler

The sty's the limit: when middle age gets mucky (2015)

Simon Dawson

Pigs in clover: or how I accidentally fell in love with the good life (2015)

Simon Dawson

Tamar: journal of the Friends of the Tamar Valley. Number 42 : 2020 (2020)

The natural regulation of animal numbers (1954)

David Lack

The goatfather and friends

Mel Roach

Animal farm

Miranda Innes

Shear Exmoor

Albert Beer

Pigs in clover: Or how I accidentally fell in love with the good life (2013)

Simon Dawson

An act for dividing and allotting the open and commonable pasture and turbary lands and for exchanging, allotting, and fencing the open and commonable lands for stinting snf regulating the stocking ... (1798)

Pastoralism on Dartmoor (1954)

E. G. Fogwill

Up and coming (2000)

Anne Came

[Livestock farming, Dartmoor]: livestock farming : beef] (1900)

Anonymous (Pseudonym)

[Livestock farming, Dartmoor]: livestock farming : beef] (1900)

Anonymous (Pseudonym)

Hill cattle and sheep farming in England and Wales: an economic review 1989 (2000)

Martin M. Turner

Annual review (1963-)

Lowland sheep: economics of lamb production in England 1976 (1977)

William John Kelsey Thomas

Agriculture in the far South West: livestock production focus (1996)

K. C. Murray

Lowland sheep: interim results of a survey in 1981 lamb crop in England & Wales (1982)

William John Kelsey Thomas

High farming in south western England, 1840-1880 (1948)

George Edwin Fussell

The Bob man: a life with animals (1977)

J.A.Neville Fitt

An economic and physical study of cattle & sheep production in Devon & Cornwall in 1961-63 ... comparative data 1955-57 (1965)

J. L. Brewer

The Liscombe experience 1989-1992 ([1993?)

Anthony Gibson

Cattle and sheep: a financial survey of a sample of farms in South West England 1977-8 to 1981-2 (1983)

B. R. Nixon