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Tuckett's Farm, Combeinteignhead. 15.9.92 (1992)

Robert Yelland cutting corn the old fashioned way at Matford Barton Farm, Alphington. 28.7.90 (1990)

The woodcutting shed at Yeo Farm, Chagford. 31.3.89 (1989)

Fire at Strete Raleigh Farm, Whimple. 10.12.90 (1990)

Derek Meredith

SIAS Bulletin (1994)

'Chancellor' and Chancellor's farm on Mendip (2015)

Frances Neale

Firemen fighting a bale fire at Pulhayes Farm, East Budleigh. 23.2.89 (1989)

Bowden, Jeff

Development of a slurry pipeline running between Menchine Farm and Moor Barton Farm, Nomansland, nr. Tiverton, Mid Devon, EX16 8NP: historic environment desk based assessment (2016)

Ratcliffe-Warren, Laura

Aldens Farm, Alphington, the site for a proposed housing development. 11.1.85 (1985)

Oaklands fields at Alphington. 28.10.86 (1986)

Fire at Martin's Farm, Whiddon Down. 1.3.80 (1980)

Children from Barts Primary School, Sydenham, London, with M.P. Emma Nicholson on a visit to Nethercott Farm, Iddesleigh. 14.6.90 (1990)

Mike Benson

Oaklands, Alphington. 20.6.85 (1985)

Bob Gitsham and Elise Easdown of Pipers Farm, Magdalen Road, Exeter. 14.9.93 (1993)

John Ffoulkes

Oaklands, Alphington. 20.6.85 (1985)

Coombe Farm, Lympstone. 18.2.92 (1992)

Fire at Strete Raleigh Farm, Whimple. 10.12.90 (1990)

Derek Meredith

Fire at Strete Raleigh Farm, Whimple. 10.12.90 (1990)

Derek Meredith

Fire at Strete Raleigh Farm, Whimple. 10.12.90 (1990)

Derek Meredith

Crying the Moor: an Exmoor miscellany

Chancellor's Farm (Somerset Wildlife Trust)

Mike Whitaker

Tunley Farm

J. Bowen Jones

Seeing is believing: Wibble Farm, West Quantoxhead

Sally Gregson

Hinton Farm documents, no. 2

Leslie Ernest John Brooke

Barberry farm

Brian Bradbury

Barberry Farm

Brian Bradbury

The quartly herd of Red Devons

Albert Beer

New Housing Estate, Park Farm, North End

Marian Barraclough

A medieval manor house rediscovered: excavations at Longforth Farm, Wellington, Somerset (2016)

Simon Flaherty

Somewhere my love (1992)

Kathleen Young

Jedder's land (1983)

O'Donoghue, Maureen

The tower on the cliff: a story founded on a Gloucestershire legend (1893)

Emma Marshall

The Dowser: the story of a Mendip mystery (1928)

Joseph Henry Wade

Firement battle a barn blaze at Thorn Mill Farm, Frogmore Road, East Budleigh. 28.11.88 (1988)

Bowden, Jeff

Land and family: Trends and local variations in the peasant land market on the Winchester bishopric estates, 1263-1415 (2009)

John Mullan

Softly cries the curlew: A family saga 1815-1875 (2008)

Paddy King-Fretts

The wild red dawn: a family saga 1815-1875 (2008)

Paddy King-Fretts

Our farm: A year in the life of a smallholding (2007)

Rosie Boycott

Norfolk origins, 1: hunters to first farmers (1981)

Bruce Robinson

Farms in England, prehistoric to present (1983)

Fowler, Peter

Harvesting at Cann's Farm, Ide. 26.7.80 (1980)

The account books of Thomas Smith, Ireley Farm, Hailes, Gloucestershire 1865-71 (c1985)

Thomas Smith

Rosie (1998)

Lesley Pearse

Nan's tails at hill house farm: at Hill House Farm (2008)

Nan Gould

Through rose-coloured glasses (2006)

Ruth Salway

The burnt-out shell of the Mettaford Farm Guesthouse, Hartland. 2.1.90 (1990)

The marriage menders (1999)

Patricia Wendorf

Survey of Radworthy farmstead and an earthwork enclosure: Longstone landscape community archaeology project : project report (2015)

Hazel Riley

Pengelly's Farm, Shillingford Abbot. 10.9.90 (1990)

Ffoulkes, John

Walland Farm, Buck's Cross, Bideford, Devon, EX39 5DP: archaeological evaluation report, June 2014 (2014)

Kari Bower