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Tamar: journal of the Friends of the Tamar Valley. Number 42 : 2020 (2020)

Annals of the labouring poor: social change and agrarian England 1660-1900 (1985)

K. D. M. Snell

Poor labouring men: rural radicalism in Norfolk 1872-1923 (1985)

Alun Howkins

Mixed blessings: Rural life on the Quantock hills (2007)

Gary John Penny

Countrywomen on the land: memories of rural life in the 1920s and '30s (1992)

Geoffrey K. Nelson

Rich men, poor men of North Curry (2016)

David Patten

The village labourer (1978)

J. L. Hammond

The 'revolt of the field': the Devon response (1985)

J. H. Porter

Devon the most progressive county (1935)

Devon's farm labourers in the Victorian period: the impact of economic change (1987)

Greg Finch

Captain Swing in Devon (1983)

R. R. Sellman

Child labour at Withleigh 1895 (1978)

W. P. Authers

Tiverton farm workers' contracts, 1824 (1976)

W. P. Authers

Regional variations in food consumption among agricultural labours, 1790-1860 (1981)

John Rule

Landlord and tenant and husbandry covenants in eighteenth century Devon (1981)

Robin Stanes

The book of the martyrs of Tolpuddle 1834-1934 ... (1999)

The book of the martyrs of Tolpuddle 1834-1934: the story of the Dorsetshire labourers who were convicted... (1934)

The agricultural labourer (1873)

Victorian Somerset: John Hodges -a farm labourer (1978)

Ann Heeley

The skeleton at the plough, or the poor farm labourers of the West (1996)

John Hodges: the life and times of a Victorian farm labourer : teachers' resource pack, Somerset Rural Life Museum (1994)

Ann Heeley

Farmworkers: a social and economic history, 1770-1980 (1988)

Alan Armstrong

The story of the Tolpuddle martyrs and TUC guide to the old crown court in Dorchester and Tolpuddle village (1991)

Trends in agricultural and horticultural labour in South West England: Vol II: farmers and family and hired farm workers 1970 (1988)

Joseph Arch: the story of his life, told by himself. (1898)

Joseph Arch