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Saint Agnes fountain, Selworthy

A study of the limestone hydrology

David Drew

Saint Pancras well

Scott, Malcolm

Skipperham well

The limestone hydrology of the Mendip Hills

David Drew

Dipping well at Allerford

On some deep well borings in Somerset

Henry Hoyte Winwood

Notes of some Somerset wells

William Whitaker

Notes of some Somerset wells

William Whitaker

Plantation House: Drip Well

J. H. Tucker

Plantation House drip well - final report

J. H. Tucker

Report on Wells sunk at Locking (to test divining rod)

William Johnson Sollas

Sacred spring

Caroline Sherwood

Exploring wells in Shipham village

Chris Richards

Excavations at Chalice Well

Philip Arthur Rahtz

Salt springs in the coal measures at Radstock

James McMurtrie

The forgotten spas and mineral springs of south-east Somerset

Mather, J. D.

The natural history of Somersetshire

Benjamin Martin

The new Wedmore chronicles: holy wells and other springs (2)

Hazel Hudson

The new Wedmore chronicles: holy wells and other springs (1)

Hazel Hudson

Index to the biological supplements and records of CRG 1955-65

Chris Howes

Holy well at Stoke Saint Michael

Ethelbert Horne

Some of the holy wells of Somerset

Ethelbert Horne

Holy wells round about Downside

Ethelbert Horne

Banwell spring

P. Hodge

Delineation of the Banwell spring catchment area

S. L. Hobbs

The hot springs of the Avon gorge, Bristol

A. Brian Hawkins

Saint Leonard's well

Margaret Gould

Glastonbury water

Harold St. George Gray

The Wells of Keynsham

Michael C Fitter

A Roman well at Keynsham

Michael C Fitter

The "Slipper Well" at 32 Temple Street, Keynsham

Michael C Fitter

The cave at Plantation House: a domestic appendix

K. A. B. Edwards

Note on a range of buildings and a Roman well at Low Ham

H. S. L. Dewar

Matthew Chancelor's dream

James Coleman

Divining intervention

Michael Bullen

Minehead's holy wells

T. Charles Bryant

Wells in Yatton and Claverham

Marianne Pitman

Healing waters

Geoffrey Body

Glastonbury Past and Present: A 1922 silent film of Alys (Alice) Buckton's Glastonbury Pageant (2004)

Tim Hopkinson-Ball

The old watercourses of Wells

Herbert Ernest Balch

How old is Chalice Well?

Paul Ashdown

The well of Saint Pancras

Clement Kille

Holy wells of Bath and Bristol region (1999)

Phil Quinn

Bath (2004)

Kirsten Elliott

Wishing well at Dawlish. 16.9.1991 (1991)

Libbet's Well, Crediton ([1960?])

Bertram Authers

[Well at Widecombe-in-the-Moor] ([1900?])

John Stabb

Widecombe ([1899])

Falcon, T. A.