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Celebrating the tinworking landscape of Dartmoor in its European context: prehistory to 20th century : 6-11 May 2016 : conference booklet & field guide (2016)

Greeves, Tom

The movement of tin and copper miners from Cornwall and Devon to the North Cardiganshire lead mines, 1851-71 (1983)

E. Alwyn Benjamin

[Brooke index] (2003)

Brooke, Justin

A history of tin mining and smelting in Cornwall (1989)

Denys Bradford Barton

Called home: the Dartmoor tin miner 1860-1940, photographs and memory (2015)

Greeves, Tom

Lanner: a Cornish mining parish (1998)

Schwartz, Sharron

Ding Dong mine: a history ([2014])

Joseph, Peter

Union Tin Smelter, Weir Quay, Devon: archaeological recording 2009-2010 (2012)

Colin Buck

[Mortar stone, Rippon Tor] ([1904])

Falcon, T. A.

[Mortar stone, Rippon Tor] ([1904])

Falcon, T. A.

Tolvaddon tin streams in 1971: the art of Cornish tin streaming (2009)

Simon Goldburn

Anderton tin mine (1984)

E. C. Long

Tin streaming (1988)

R. Le Marchant

Retallack: a late medieval tin milling complex in the parish of Constantine and its Cornish context (1985)

Gerrard, Sandy

The tin industry in sixteenth and seventeenth century Cornwall (1999)

Gerrard, Sandy

Brea adit works, Camborne (1976)

Stoyel, Alan

The decline of great work and the foramtion of Wheal Reeth Tin Ltd (1992)

Adventures with fiery dragons - the Cornish tinner in Devon from the 15th to the 20th century (1992)

Greeves, Tom

The good life - the westcountry tinner AD c.1500-c1700 (1993)

Greeves, Tom

Opinion: threat to historic tin streams and mine sites (1994)

French, Colin

Parbola Mine (1994)

Wheal Hermon, St. Just 1560-1976 (1994)

Brooke, Justin

The vice-warden and the Truro files (1994)

Bridget Howard

Georgia Consoles (1995)

Tregaseal River (1995)

Clive Carter

Wheal Fortune in Ludgvan (1996)

Brooke, Justin

Ding Dong: its orgin and early working (1996)

A study of early Tudor mine workers (1997)

Allen Buckley

Ding Dong: the 19th century and beyond (1997)

St Just United Mine, 1862-1866 (1997)

Joseph, Peter

Historical evidence of alluvial tin streaming in the river valleys of Camborne, Illogun & Redruth (1999)

Allen Buckley

Great Western mines (1999)

Giew Mine revisted (2000)

Chaos on the cliffs: a history of Morvah Consols Mine (2000)

Joseph, Peter

Henric Kalmeter - depth of mines (1724-25) (2003)

Brooke, Justin

Architectural peculiarities of some engine houses and mine stacks in Cornwall (2003)

Foster, Dale

Drift Valley - its mines, bounds and stream works (2003)

Tin dressing sites in the Western Cot Valley, St Just (2003)

Joseph, Peter

Richard Bennetts' engineers pocket-book 1857 (2004)

Short, Colin C.

Captain William Davey of Redruth and the re-opening of the Consolodated Mines in 1819 (2004)

Lewis, Jim

Electicity and tin: the rise and fall of Cornish Consolodated Tin Mines, Limited (2004)

Joseph, Peter

Tresavean Mine, Lanner (2005)

Edmonds, E. W. A.

Newlyn deep down (2005)

John Corin

Nancegollen Mine (2005)

Wheal Augusta, St. Just-in-Penwith (2005)

Joseph, Peter

The archive of Thomas Wilson Boulton & Watt's agent in Cornwall (2005)

Paul Brough

Falmouth Consolidated Tin Mines Ltd. Wheal Jane, Kea and Baldhu, Truro (2006)

Edmonds, E. W. A.

Pamphlet wars: sett renewals at Tincroft and the Consolidated Mines (2006)

Lewis, Jim

Polcrebo Mine (2006)

Tinworkings in the St. Erth valley from 1750 to the present time (2006)