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The Medical directory 1992 (1992)

Eighteenth century medics: subscriptions, licences, apprenticeships (1988)

P. J. Wallis

The Medical directory 1992 (1992)

The Medical directory 1992 (1992)

Notes on the history of nursing in Devon (2003)

George L. Cantrell

A day in the life of East Reach Hospital: 19th February 1850 (2017)

John Morgan-Guy

The forgotten hospitals of Shepton Mallet: a brief history 190-1922 (2019)

David Lindsay

Doctors of the parish,18: New Wedmore Chronicles, 145

Hazel Hudson

A guide to our services ([2010?])

Memoirs of Angus Henry Luscombe ([2000?])

Angus Henry Luscombe

Benjamin Jesty: Dorset's vaccination pioneer (2009)

Patrick J. Pead

the medical register 1958 (office edition). volume II [2] comprising the Home list, Commonwealth list, Foreign list (1958)

the medical register 1958 (office edition) (1958)

Dr MacNamara 1861-1931 (1999)

Robin Betts

Richardus Morton M.D. Colleg.Med.Lond.Soc. ([1689])

Robert White

William Harvey, M.D. (c.1790)

T. Cook

A country general practioner at work in Somerset, 1686-1706: John Westover of Wedmore (1990)

William G. Hill

[Jonathan Couch] (c.1860)

[Jonathan Couch] (c.1860)

Mr.John Patch, surgeon of Exeter (1789)

Ezekiel, E. A.

John Armstrong, M.D. (c.1790)

John Armstrong, M.D. (c.1790)

T. Cook

Dr. Joshua Parsons (1814-1892), of Beckington, Somerset, general practitioner (1997)

Spence Galbraith

Mr. Newcomen's friend: Dr. John Allen (1660-1741) of Bridgewater (1999)

A. P. Woolrich

Thomas Sydenham (c.1740)

Dr. James: from an original bust by Scheemaker (1778)

W. Walker

J.Blackall M.D.: Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, & physician to the Devon & Exeter Hospital (c.1810)

Samuel Cousins

[William Withey Gull] (c.1880)

Alexander Monro, M.D. F.R.S. (1786)

T. Cook

Dr. Mudge (1798)

Dr. William Budd: Bristol's most famous physician (2006)

Michael Dunnill

Some contributions to medicine by doctors from Devon and their antipodean floral monuments (2002)

John Pearn

Dr. Isaac Schomberg. From an original picture painted by Hudson, in the possession of S.Edwards Esqr. (1799)

W. P. Sherlock

Dr. Shapter ([1829?])

John Gendall

Dr. Sheldon (c.1800)

William Harvey M.D.: in the collection of Dr.Mead (1739)

Jacobus Houbraken

Thomas Willis M.D. obt. 1675 alta. 54: in the possession of Bronne Willis Esqr. (1742)

George Vertue

Thomas Sydenham M.D.: in the possession of John Sydenham Esqr. (1747)

Jacobus Houbraken

John Huxham, M.D. F.R.S. (1756)

J. Jenkins

[Frederic Carpenter Skey] (c.1855)

Sr. Samuel Garth M.D.: in the collection of Jacob Jonson Esqr. (1748)

Jacobus Houbraken

Index of medical licentiates, applicants, referees and examiners in the diocese of exeter, 1568-1783 (2004)

Ian Mortimer

Henry W.Acland, Esq. M.D. F.R.S. etc., Regis Professor of Medicine in the University of Oxford ([1870?])

D. J. Pound

Edward Jenner M.D. (1817)

R. M. Meadows

Edward Jenner M.D. (1804)

Hugh Downman, M.D. 1798 (1798)

James Fittler

[Thomas Shapter] ([1850?])

Townsend, George

Hugh Downman, M.D (1809)

Richard Woodman

[Hubert Airy] (1885)

Hubert Airy

[Henry Wentworth Acland] ([1870?])