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Field guide to British deer (1971)

F. J. Taylor Page, Michael Clark

Wild red deer of Somerset

Red deer on the Quantocks

Edward James Stanley

Desparate deer (poaching)

Conrad Templeton

Horns of a dilemma

Graham Downing

The Red-Deer of Exmoor Conservation of a population

Donnelly, Peter

Photographing deer

David Doble

Management of red deer on National Trust land in Somerset

Breaking covert: to hunt or not to hunt? Exmoor debate revisited

Janet Menzies

The wild red deer of Exmoor

M. C. McGowan

Red deer on Exmoor

Eric Richard Lloyd

Red deer legislation

Eric Richard Lloyd

The Exmoor and Quantock Deer Research Project

Jochen Langbein

Antlers: the phenomenom

Jeanne Hutton

Somerset sanctuary

Sarah Ford

Against all odds

Heidi Best

The antler man

Albert Beer

Surviving the centuries: Exmoor's red deer (1989)

N. V.  Allen

Exmoor's wild red deer

N. V.  Allen

Challenge of deer-watching

Barbara Keene

The Tivington Nott (1989)

Alex Miller

The running of the deer (1982)

Geoffrey Trease

Wildlife tales (1986)

Josephine Poole

Katerfelto: a story of Exmoor (1875)

G. J. Whyte-Melville

White winter (1949)

Eleanor Edith Helme

Dear busybody (1950)

Eleanor Edith Helme

The story of a red deer (1971)

J. W. Fortescue (Sir)

The story of a red deer (1912)

J. W. Fortescue (Sir)

The story of the red deer (1919)

J. W. Fortescue (Sir)

Pomona's travels (1894)

Frank Richard Stockton

In red deer land (1928)

Anne Richardson

Red deer on Exmoor (1969)

Lloyd, E. R.

Antlers and horns on Exmoor (2002)

Scott, Malcolm

The red deer of Exmoor: conservation of a population (2004)

Donnelly, Peter

Deer in Devon (1965)

Dennis Cross

Deer in the south-west (1950)

Gerald Johnstone

A deer in my kitchen

Rosamond Glover

Conservation and management of deer on Exmoor and the Quantocks (1992)

Wild deer of Exmoor: history, haunts, habits ([1936])

Alfred Vowles