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Somerset bat group report 1993

Edward A. Wells

Aerial acrobats in Somerset's ancient woods

Reports from specialist groups: Somerset Bat Group

Edward A. Wells

Bats out of Horner

Nigel Hester

Exmoors bats

Alison Cox

U.B.S.S. Bat ringing scheme

P. F. Bird

Exmoor's bats (2003)

Alison Cox

Bat banding in Devonshire (1951)

J. H. D. Hooper

The distribution of bats in Devonshire (1935)

L. M. Blackmore

Bat chat (1988)

Shan Palmes

The bats of Buckfastleigh caves

W. M. Hooper

British bats: an introduction (1991)

Bats in Devon (1983)

John Hooper