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Speleogenesis and landscape development in the Burrington area

Andrew R. Farrant

Sherborne behind the seen: A ^description of Sherborne scenery, its nature and history in its relation to the underlying rocks .... (1936)

Joseph Fowler

Some notes on the geomorphological and vegitational history of the saltings at Brean (1983)

Hilary Page

Some further observations on the Teign and its valley (1902)

Alexander Somervail

The river Teign and its valley (1904)

Alexander Somervail

The making of Torbay (1912)

A. J. Jukes-Browne

The Bristol Channel and Bideford Bay: a study in local palaeogeography (1948)

W. J. Prew

L' ile de Lundy (Bristol Channel - G.B.) bilan d'un reconnaissance geomorphologique (1982)

Alain Godard

Some further observations on the Teign and its valley (1902)

Alexander Somervail

On the excavation of the Teign gorge (1901)

Alexander Somervail

The evolution of the Bristol Channel: with special reference to the coast of south Wales (1929)

F. J. North

The age and origin of the plateaus around Torquay (1907)

A. J. Jukes-Browne

Pilot scheme: 3. rocks and landscape (1976)

The evolution of the South-West ([1921])

W. S. Lewis

Cornwall's structure and scenery (1970)

Rita Margaret Barton

Landscapes of Britain (1977)

Roy Willward

Geomorphology of the Slapton region (1993)

Tim Burt

The hills and valleys of Torquay: a study in valley development and an explanation of local scenery (1907)

A. J. Jukes-Browne

The physiography of south west Cornwall ; the distribution of chalk flints and the origin of the gravels of Crousa Common

E. M. Lind Hendriks

Past landscapes of Jersey: environmental changes during the last ten thousand years (1990)

Roger L. Jones

The history of Devonshire scenery: an essay in geographical evolution (1906)

Arthur W. Clayden