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Somerset underground (2020)

Rob Taviner

Geology and landscape in and around Yeovil (2005)

Hugh Prudden

Southern England's 1000-foot peaks (2018)

Jeff Kent

Somerset underground (2019)

Rob Taviner

Rock solid: layers of rock - South-West Engand in the making. (07/1988)

Jane Gifford

Proceedings of the Dorset Natural History & Archaeological Society 1984 (1985)

Somerset's jurassic coastline (2011)

Frank Lane

A survey of Ten Tors (c.1985)

Martyn C. Brown

The carboniferous limestone of the Bristol area: a review of the influence of the lithology and chemistry on its use as a geomaterial (1991)

S. Al-Jassar

Mesozoic reactivation of Variscan thrusting in the Bristol Channel area, UK (1988)

M. Brooks

New seismic evidence for a major geological boundary at shallow depth, N. Devon (1993)

M. Brooks

The erosion surfaces of Exmoor and adjacent areas (1952)

W. G. V. Balchin

A new geological model to explain the gravity gradient across Exmoor, north Devon (1977)

M. Brooks

A gravimeter survey of the Ston Easton-Harptree district, east Somerset (1954)

W. Bullerwell

The origin and recognition of laterally continuous carbonate-cemented horizons in the Upper Lias Sands of southern England (1988)

Ian D. Bryant

Proceedings of the Dorset Natural History & Archaeological Society 1959 (1960)

Thomas Hawkins and geological spectacle

Ralph O'Connor

Burtle sand beds of Somerset

D. D. Gilbertson

Ubley conduit

William  Stanton

The student's column: the structure and physical properties of building stones [parts 10-13, 15-18]

Sediment fluxes in the Bristol Channel

M. B. Collins

Report on investigations of mine shafts on Sandford Hill

Peter A. E. Stewart

Worth the wait: opening of the Somerset Earth Science Study Centre

New geology of Pennard Hill

Simon K. Haslett

The Quaternary deposits of the Bristol neighbourhood

W. W. Stoddart

Palaeonvironmental studies on Exmoor

V. Straker

.....lead-zinc-silica mineralization of the Mendip region

William  Stanton

The limestone hydrology of the Mendip Hills

David Drew

Lias exposed in two quarries at Barrington

Hydrogeology of the hot springs of Bath

William  Stanton

The geology of the Donyatt area

David Dineley

A description of Somersetshire

Bath stone

Aspects of the geomorphology of Exmoor

Straw, Allan

New evidence on mineral deposits from central Exmoor

R. F. Youell

Mineral deposits from the Okehampton, Mendip and Exmoor areas

R. F. Youell

Clay ironstones on Exmoor (Abstract)

R. F. Youell

Correlation of the Middle-Upper Bathonian ... Bath and Sherborne

R. J. Wyatt

The Radstock plateau

S. W. Wooldridge

Studies and problems for Somerset geologists

Horace Bolingbroke Woodward

A ramble across the Mendip Hills

Horace Bolingbroke Woodward

The railway cutting at Uphill

Horace Bolingbroke Woodward

Notes on the geology of Brent Knoll

Horace Bolingbroke Woodward

Notes on the Ham Hill stone

Horace Bolingbroke Woodward

Jurassic rocks of Britain, Vol 3: lias

Horace Bolingbroke Woodward

Geology of Crewkerne

Horace Bolingbroke Woodward

A geological description of the parish of Portishead